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Boys Club Only

A zine project about the experiences in the cis-male dominated music scene

Edge Day Special: DIY Conspiracy Vol. X (Compilation Tape + Zine)

80-page straight edge zine featuring interviews with Gabriel Kuhn (author of straight edge books “Sober Living for the Revolution: Hardcore Punk, Straight Edge, and Radical Politics” and “X: Straight...

Blue- How come there's no ice in my lemonade zine

Blue! How Come There’s No Ice In My Lemonade?! Zine

Brand new vegan, straight edge hardcore punk rock zine from the master of spicy memes and epic takedowns.


Straightedge Youth: Complexity and Contradictions of a Subculture

Emerging out of the American punk rock scene of the early 1980s, straightedge youth have held their ground and made important inroads on the broader terrain of American youth culture for the last twen...

straight edge clean living

Straight Edge: Hardcore Punk, Clean Living Youth, and Social Change

Straight edge is a clean-living youth movement that emerged from the punk rock subculture in the early 1980s. Its basic tenets promote a drug-free, tobacco-free, and sexually responsible lifestyle—ten...


X: Straight Edge and Radical Sobriety

Kuhn continues his reconnaissance of straight-edge culture and how it overlaps with radical politics. Extensively illustrated and combining original interviews and essays with manifestos and reprints ...

All Ages Reflections on Straight Edge

All Ages: Reflections on Straight Edge

takes an in-depth look at the second wave of American Hardcore -- the music that borrowed from the likes of Minor Threat, Black Flag and SSD -- bands like Youth of Today, Slapshot, Bold, Underdog, Sid...

Sober Living for The Revolution

Sober Living for the Revolution: Hardcore Punk, Straight Edge, and Radical Politics

xamining the multigenerational impact of punk rock music, this international survey of the political-punk straight edge movement—which has persisted as a drug-free, hardcore subculture for more than 2...



Tony Rettman traces the story of straight edge from adolescent origins to enduring counterculture via fresh first-hand accounts from the clear and alert members of Minor Threat, SS Decontrol, Youth of...