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Discover the empowering intersection of feminism and the straight edge hardcore scene. Explore thoughtful articles shedding light on women’s experiences, contributions, and challenges in this inclusive community. Gain insights into gender equality, activism, and inspiring voices.

Written by J. Brese Thoughts on community organizing, feminism, and why it is important for women…
Explore the dynamic roles and undeniable strength of women in fields like engineering, medicine, law…
Empowering Women: Defying Stereotypes in Hardcore Music Pits – Girls can mosh, and this article chal…
Explore the unique challenges and experiences of a female musician in the hardcore music scene. This…
Explore the overlooked issue of women's equality in the hardcore music scene, where gender biases an…
a personal exploration of the hardcore music scene from the perspective of an individual seeking aut…
Explore the challenges and stereotypes faced by women in the music scene, where the struggle for acc…
Delve into the unique experiences of women in the hardcore music scene, exploring the fine line betw…
Discover the journey of breaking stereotypes and empowering women in hardcore music. Explore the pas…
Exploring the Journey of a Female Musician in Hardcore: Battling Stereotypes, Navigating Challenges,…

Straight Edge News

Photo of xPersistx Michigan Straight Edge

No Echo: New Hardcore Band Spotlight: xPersistx

Discover xPersistx, the Michigan-based hardcore band, through No Echo's feature. Vocalist Seth Sprague shares insights on their influences like xRepresentx and Terror, and their latest EP '1 Life 2 Decades'.
T&F PodCast Livestream With Keli Lalita (108, PROJECT KATE, MANTRALOGY RECORDS)

T&F Podcast With Keli Lalita (108, PROJECT KATE, MANTRALOGY RECORDS)

Explore Keli Lalita's journey in T&F Podcast episode, as she discusses hardcore music, Krishna Consciousness, and motherhood, highlighting gender dynamics and challenges in spiritual and cultural environments.
The hard Times falls on hard times

R.I.P The Hard Times 2014-2024…Maybe?

The Hard Times, a humor website rooted in punk and hardcore culture. Facing financial struggles due to social media algorithm changes, they launch a Patreon campaign for survival.


Ian MacKaye Interview with Logan Kelly

Logan Kelly: Interview with Ian MacKaye

12-year-old Logan Kelly sits down with the legendary Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat. In this insightful conversation, Logan explores the essence of what it means to be Straight Edge and a Punk through the eyes of one of the genre's most influential figures.


Straight Edge: Walking The Line- 2018

Straight Edge: Walking the Line is a documentary about the Straight Edge movement which began in Washington DC in the 1980's. Straight Edge is a lifetime commitment, never to drink, smoke or do drugs.

There Will Be Quiet- The Story Of Judge (2015)

t of Noisey's four-part series There Will Be Quiet: The Story of Judge, Noisey talks with mythical NYHC vocalist Mike Ferraro, better known as Mike Judge. Ferraro recounts his early days and unforgiving upbringing, his road toward straight-edge, and how an introverted kid found his way to punk rock.

Going Against the Norm—Straight Edge (2014)

It has become a social norm for young adults to engage in typical college activities on the weekends such as smoking weed and drinking. A small percentage decide to rebel against that scene and forge a different path by being straight edge. Straight edgers choose not to smoke, drink or do drugs.