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Discover the empowering intersection of feminism and the straight edge hardcore scene. Explore thoughtful articles shedding light on women’s experiences, contributions, and challenges in this inclusive community. Gain insights into gender equality, activism, and inspiring voices.

Feminism and Hardcore: Why it does Matter? Explore the complex journey of women in the hardcore musi…
Challenging Stereotypes in Punk: Exploring Gender Bias and Empowerment in a Male-Dominated Scene. A …
Explore the complexities of feminism through a personal lens in our thought-provoking article. Delve…
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Straight Edge News

Dogmatic- Straight Edge Band

No Echo: Dogmatic- Furious Florida Straight Edge Fastcore Act Drops Can’t-Miss Cassette

Check out No Echo's straight-shooting review of Dogmatic, the Florida Straight Edge band that's making waves in the hardcore punk scene with their intense sound.

The 2023 vanguard of Vegan Straight Edge Hardcore Metal by Forward To Eden on

Explore the top 10 vegan straight edge hardcore metal releases of 2023, handpicked by Forward To Eden.
CM Punk Straight Edge

Real Reason Why CM Punk Adopted the Straight Edge Lifestyle?

Influenced by his father's battle with alcoholism, Punk chose to abstain from alcohol, tobacco, and recreational drugs. Despite his tough persona in the wrestling world, Punk's personal adherence to this lifestyle is genuine.


Dan O Says So, Episode 44: Kevin Seconds

From Dano O Says So: “Dan sits down for a return visit from the show’s first guest ever, Mr. Kevin Seconds. In this episode Kevin shares the true story behind 7 Seconds initial break-up, the deluxe re-issues of the band’s BYO back catalogue, and the sequence of events that led to one of the most […]


Straight Edge Documentary (2009)

Straight Edge Documentary (2009)

Drug Free: The Straight-edge Way (2009)

A documentary on Straight-edge culture I [Timothy Donovan] did for my Documentary Filmmaking class at New England Institute of Technology in the Spring of 2009.

What is “Straight Edge?” 2009

Rikki Ratliff explores the "straight edge" movement and the trending towards a "tamer" generation. Visit for more information!