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Tell us about yourself! Hobbies, jobs, passion projects, interests?I do vocals in Cherish. I love so…
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Straight Edge News

Straight Edge Zine Volume One Cover

Straight Edge The Zine: Volume 1

STRAIGHT EDGE - A COLLECTION OF INTERVIEWS - VOLUME 1 42 interviews from people all around the world living a Straight Edge lifestyle.

Vegan Straight Edge Zine—Escalate and Divine Sentence Interviews, Hunt Sabs, and more.

Issue four of Vegan Straight Edge Zine is now available. It's digital, free, and features interviews with Sofia of Divine Sentence, xapothacaryx, xrisalex, Street Justice, xescalatex, and more!

Bulgarian straight edge band TRUExFEELING announces debut album “…Of Flesh And Steel

TRUExFEELING, a hardcore band originating from the Bulgarian scene, emerged in late 2022 when four dedicated straight edge friends united with a shared passion for death metal-infused hardcore. Driven by a commitment to their principles, the band proudly identifies their sound as “brutal edge metal.” Their first track, “In Decay,” debuted just ahead of their […]


NYHC Chronicles- Ray Cappo Flyer

Podcast: The NYHC Chronicles LIVE! Ep. #300 Ray Raghunath Cappo (Youth of Today / Shelter)

Recap of The NYHC Chronicles LIVE's 300th Episode with Ray 'Raghunath' Cappo. Featuring insights on 'From Punk To Monk,' and guest 'Hardcore Shutterbug' Steven J. Messina.


Straight Edge: Walking The Line- 2018

Straight Edge: Walking the Line is a documentary about the Straight Edge movement which began in Washington DC in the 1980's. Straight Edge is a lifetime commitment, never to drink, smoke or do drugs.

There Will Be Quiet- The Story Of Judge (2015)

t of Noisey's four-part series There Will Be Quiet: The Story of Judge, Noisey talks with mythical NYHC vocalist Mike Ferraro, better known as Mike Judge. Ferraro recounts his early days and unforgiving upbringing, his road toward straight-edge, and how an introverted kid found his way to punk rock.

Going Against the Norm—Straight Edge (2014)

It has become a social norm for young adults to engage in typical college activities on the weekends such as smoking weed and drinking. A small percentage decide to rebel against that scene and forge a different path by being straight edge. Straight edgers choose not to smoke, drink or do drugs.