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Straight Edge and Medicinal Cannabis

To many in our community, Medicinal Cannabis and medication, in general, is somewhat controversial. Before that let’s talk about gatekeeping first. If you have been living under a fuckin’ rock a...

How Straight Edge Lifestyle can Impact those struggling with Addiction:

For many people looking from the outside in, the Straight Edge community and lifestyle can come across as extremely exclusive and judgmental. For individuals who have struggled or are currently strugg...

Joining and Leaving the Straight-Edge Community

Jaden Urban reports on the hardcore punk subculture whose members refrain

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Wasted on the Young or is Ignorance Bliss

The idea for this article began with thinking about pickles.  It was brought to my attention that one of my daughter’s best friends hates pickles. 

Saying No to Alcohol Nothing Personal, It’s Just Business

Saying No to Alcohol

Turning down a drink, or a chance to drink these days is usually viewed with suspicion or query. 

Radical Sobriety- Straight Edge is Not for the Weak

his was originally going to be a joke piece about the dangers of straight edge being an addiction.  About the way, some people completely obsess over it

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You Broke Your Edge, What Now?

So you went and broke your edge. For whatever reasons, whether it was peer pressure, a new partner, a broken heart, an unfortunate l tragedy, or simply the very normal and natural, human curiosity,

Ian-MacKaye- Straight Edge

How Ian MacKaye found freedom as a straight-edge pioneer

For Ian MacKaye, punk is not a medium for expressing nihilism, or simply partying.


Mental Health Stigma and Straight Edge

I need help. There I said it. I need help. Those three words come with weight all their own. A whole barrage of stigma can follow: weak, pathetic, vulnerable, unstable, sick, incapable, and a whole sl...