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A Response: Girls Get Out of the Pit

Originally Published: Tuesday, December 20, 2005
Written by: notauser

Responding to: Girls Get Out of the Pit

I want to respond to this article, and I will try to do so with as much intelligence and maturity as possible. Okay, first off, I know that for me personally, I came upon hardcore looking for something much more extreme than I had been previously exposed to.

Seeking Authenticity and Realness

All I knew was that I was surrounding myself around fake people, and it seemed to be the same everywhere I looked. Was there such thing as being real? Was I even being real? It seemed like I wasn’t acting like anyone I ever saw around me. This led me to believe maybe I had misunderstood them the whole time, my whole life.

Discovering Hardcore Music

I wanted something where I could express how I felt, without being cliché, and everyone was full of clichés. Then I talked to someone over e-mail about hardcore. They told me I should go to a hardcore show and check it out. So I did.

Initial Feelings of Alienation

I was incredibly confused and felt almost like I didn’t belong there, or like other people would think I did not belong there, because I was not moshing or dancing or however you wanna phrase it. I loved it, but I felt like I did not belong. I was different amongst everyone else.

Embracing Uniqueness in the Scene

I quickly realized, after talking to some people who had been in the scene a while, that that’s exactly why this is perfect for me, because I stand out in front of the crowd (being in a wheelchair and all, that’s kinda funny).

Experiencing Moshing

I went to a show one day, and decided I would try this moshing thing. I felt even more awkward. It took a while before I would do it again. By this point in my involvement in hardcore, I understood that there was the possibility of getting hurt.

Growing Comfort with Moshing

So I kept going to shows, whenever they happened, and finally I just started easing my way into it. I moshed at every show, feeling less and less awkward about it.

Moshing as a Unique Aspect of Hardcore

And now, whenever there’s a show, people know that they’re going to see some crazy shit from me, because pretty much, around here at least, if you don’t want to mosh, there is an area where you can stand and just hang out and watch the show, and generally you will not get hit.

Respecting Different Preferences

I respect the fact that some people don’t like moshing, or don’t want to get hit. I understand that. But if they come to the show, they need to understand that not everyone will cease moshing because some other people don’t.

Hardcore Music as a Form of Release

That’s what I think is so unique about hardcore, the moshing aspect of it. It’s different from the nu-metal “pits” and the death metal pits (which I fucking fear, I won’t lie). I respect people for the most part, but when I need some sort of release or outlet, I go to hardcore shows, and I mosh.

Personal Perspective on Hardcore

Anyone can have any opinion they like, but I just don’t agree with Issa. Or rather, my outlook based on my experiences don’t coincide or agree. Hardcore is a unique thing for me. I want to make it as extreme as possible, since “extreme” is kind of a lost life perspective in the mainstream.

Written by xwhitedevilx on 2006-03-09 18:36:08i enjoyed this article, In kemptville near where i live there has been hardcore shows once a month and when i first went, i hardcore danced with the guys but the first time i did it everyone literally stopped and just stared at me cause it was like.. What a girl hardcore dancing????  
But then they started to nod and were impressed so i think if you do it and people see you as not afraid of it then there not going to think your just one of the prissy chicks.  
its cool to see girls showing off some skills haha.
girls moshing
Written by Guest on 2006-02-20 17:49:33not many girls around here mosh. i know a few and im one of them. i think that a lot more girls should mosh/ hardcore dance because all the guys think they’re hard asses for doin it & when the girls get in it they dominate.
The Pit
Written by LoveScream on 2006-02-09 16:44:22I myself have never really “moshed” before even though I would love to. (Only because those types of show don’t come around here). I loved this post. I liked the beginning VERY much becuase that’s how I feel. At my school I’m classified as a popular chick but that’s so not me b/c all the meanies around here act like total assholes. I’ve tried the punk thing, the prep thing, the skater thing, the jock thing, emo thing, and I’m hoping that xsisterhoodx helps me out even if STRAIGHTEDGE doesn’t fully make me or mold me into this shape.
Written by ifightlikeagrlx on 2006-01-17 15:53:08i loveddd this post.
: D
Written by xgisellx on 2006-01-08 13:16:46Man..  
Down here no girls dance. Like one, and she fell flat on the floor. : / Everyone laughed at her. Well it was funny, but w.e I don’t know? I’ve actually seen three girls. They’re all hardcore thugfresh guys down here. The most i’ll ever do is clump up in the front and shout some lyrics and i’m fine with that. But more power to the girls out there that dance. Represent!!! : )
The Point I Was Trying To Make…
Written by xissax on 2005-12-29 10:50:48Maybe this is what hardcore has become to the X-treme Generation. (if only we had shows at the bottom of mountains so we could all snowboard down before moshing…) And as an older person, I know that the world will change with or without me.  
But to me hardcore is NOT about “getting hit” or even about “releasing agression”. It is about thinking and having fun and making a difference in the world. 
There ARE a lot of forms of hardcore dancing that hurt no one, and still give you that visceral feeling that I think everyone is talking about. None of these are kickboxing, and none of them involve hitting people. 
If you think about it, Kickboxing was a (humorous) outgrowth of Floorpunching. Floorpunching sure looked silly (it was originally called “the lawnmower”…think about it)but no was was punching other people. 
Anyway, everyone sees hardcore differently, and no one is “right” or “wrong”. I was just trying to make the point that we can all have fun and no one has to get hurt. 
Written by GoodCleanBritt on 2005-12-24 14:04:50THANK YOU! 
Girls in the pit….
Written by xglareintheeyes on 2005-12-20 20:17:40well first off, i’m a guy and i love to dance, its probably my main way to enjoy the music, next to climbing on people and screaming along, often i try and promise myselfto only dance to certain bands or not dance, but once the music takes hold… 
in the pit, everyone is the same, i just go with the belief that everyone is there to have a good time and enjoy the music and have a good time, untill proven otherwise… which as we all know happens, i’ve seen stupid jocks try and have a idiotic pushing contest etc, and i’ve seen crews go just to fight, and i pretty much go with what the majority wants, if people just want to slam dance/ whatever, i get up close, enjoy the band, and try to refrain from throwing spin kicks, but at a good show, where there is good dancing, there is no difference between guys and girls(except girls who can dance are way hotter), people occasionly hit me, and if i don’t lose a tooth or whatever, it just feeds my fire, and if i hit someone i apologize,and keep dancing, do i feel worse when i hit a girl instead of a guy, not really? i feel bad if i hit anyone really hard, as i’m not there to fight…. 
one more observation i’d like to share is a small geographical difference, I went to a PTW/the bled show in Las Vegas and it blew me away, the girl to guy ratio in the pit had to me like 1:5, i couldn’t believe it, also the dancing was a little different, more style and less crazieness, it was a lot of fun, but i accidently hit one kid in the head with a kick, and about 6locals made sure i wasn’t there starting trouble, it was nice to see the unity they had… 
now here on the east coast, the ratio has to be like 1:589740782507, i rarely see a girl in the pit, and the shows tend to be a little rougher(though so are the bands i guess), if i accidently hit someone or they hit me, it barely gets noticed, just my 2 cents
I love it ! P.S.
Written by Guest on 2005-12-20 11:36:49I put on my hood so no one knows I’m a girl! 
love it!
Written by Guest on 2005-12-20 11:34:43I went into my first “pit” when I was 12 i had an older brother who was very into the “hardcore scene” ever since that day I feel inlove I had a chance to express myself but, as I got older I no longer “looked” hardcore infact if you look at me you would probably thing I was this sissy girl. but I am not I can dance and I enjoy it very much I am not “fake” because I’m doing what I love. I love too mosh. 
Written by Guest on 2005-12-20 11:24:14Hells yeah! hahah 
but really… a lot of guys are so weird about chicks in the pit.. they either hit you ten times harder than everyone else, or aviod you cause guys cant hit girls… Im so fucking tired of it. Im not afraid to get hit, thats why im out there, and ive got every right to be in there.

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