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Challenging Stereotypes in Hardcore: My Journey

Originally Published: Friday, July 29, 2005
Written by: ren nag

Passion for the Stage: A Musician’s Love for Performance

I love being on stage with my band.  It is what I was born to do.  I get up there to dance, sing, headbang, and occasionally jump off the stage into the pit.  But when it’s all over I come back down to Earth to take my place as just another chick at a hardcore show.

Overcoming Stereotypes: The Battle for Recognition

At one point I almost got dragged out of a venue before a show was playing because one of the guys that worked there thought I was just some groupie hanging around.  He said I need to wait outside until the doors open.  I told him I was in one of the band and he just looked at me in disbelief.  Grabbing my arm, he started to show me the door, but honey I gave it to him straight. I started screaming at him about how women have been shut out of the hardcore/metal scene & that I was the singer of Assimilation. 

Navigating the Male-Dominated Field: Feedback and Challenges

I felt like the world’s angriest feminist until my bassist heard me yelling and told the guy I was in the band. It was times like these when I couldn’t have been sadder or happier to be representing the female musician. Why had that guy refused to believe that I was in a metal band, I’ll never know for sure.  But was it because didn’t belive me, or perhaps because he COULDN’T believe me?  Maybe he COULDN’T believe that this little fifteen year-old girl was in a metal band with a bunch of 19 & 20 year-old males.

Balancing Feedback: Encouragement and Challenges

I get a lot of positive and negative feedback is not only a musician but also a female in a male-dominated field. I do get guys telling me they love my voice and how much they prefer female singers and for them, I am so grateful.  But along with the encouragement, there is also the degrading factor that some guys think with their dicks.  No lie. My boyfriend was watching us perform one night and some guy leaned over and said: “I’d like to put it in her ass” like I was just some fucking piece of meat for him to look at. I mean, yeah, I have sex appeal. Everyone has some form or another of it, but trust me I am no Peaches (Peaches is the most sexual and provocative female musician I have ever seen, but Peaches honey I love you).

The Future of Female Musicians in Hardcore/Metal

Yet, the question that remains in the back every female of the scene’s mind may never be answered.  But I believe that just as riot grrls have stepped up to the punk scene than women will raise their voices in the hardcore/metal scene.  I have no doubt in my mind that women will step up to the plate because history has told they we always do.

To any aspiring Musicians: Get Out There, Never Look Back, Never Think Twice, & Fuck Shit Up.

Written by cutthroatkris on 2005-11-30 09:20:10This has happened to me before when I used to play shows with my old band. It would piss me off, but it would make the other person feel stupid once they realize I’m in the band..  
Written by girl fight on 2005-09-06 10:51:34Whenever I see a girl onstage, there are always obnoxious boys shouting “Show me your boobs!” and stupid things of the sort. Honestly, good for you for giving him a piece of your mind.
Written by latinxhxcxgirl on 2005-08-08 06:09:35This is a good article and good subject, some guys still think with their dicks and we must to fight to change that shit!
Written by xgirlwiththeglassesx on 2005-08-05 23:56:17Awesome article! Girls can be in a band too! and a METAL band at that!
Totally agree
Written by yourdoomawaitsyou on 2005-07-31 00:02:44Great article, tell anyone who doesn’t believe in you to go fuck off, ’cause in the end…they always end up standing there with their jaws dropped open!
Written by Guest on 2005-07-30 20:41:25omg.i totally agree,men can be so horrible!you go sweetheart!!! 
i wish i had the balls to be a front person in a band  TXHC

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