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Change Your Name- They’ll Love You: Frustration with Treatment of Girls in Hardcore

Originally Published: Thursday, March 10, 2005
Written by: Ashley Harlow 

I am so mad…At the way, girls are treated in hardcore. I know this is what this whole website is about but these guys are so confused. Straight edge used to be no sex no drugs and no alcohol. Now I see these supposed SxE guys taking girls home after shows and you know why. It’s just like going to clubs. These sluts are here for the guys not for the music. They have no sense of respect for themselves and it really makes me sick.

Experiencing Disrespect in Online Forums

I was recently on a board about some local shows. I had responded that the show was really off schedule and it started at 9 when it was supposed to start at 7. I wasn’t complaining by no means but just making a smart little remark. The guys in that forum went off about “that’s why sluts shouldn’t go to shows…” and “stay home boitches”. “The boys will be there after the show” It really pissed me off,

Facing Sexist Remarks

They also made statements about how women know nothing about music. I responded by saying that I was no scene slut. I didn’t come to look pretty and meet boys. I can dance…for music. They responded “I’d rather see sluts at shows than tomboys” That pissed me off too. Just because I don’t wear heels and skirts to shows doesn’t make me a tomboy. I am a lady and nothing can change that. It has nothing to do with how pretty I am.

Adopting a Male Persona for Acceptance

Anyways, to make a long story short, I changed my chat name to a guy name and they left me alone. They were talking to me like a person instead of an outcast.

Conclusion: Seeking Understanding in the Hardcore Scene

This incident really upset me because they don’t understand that girls feel for hardcore and straight edge just like they do.

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