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Breaking Barriers in Hardcore: A Tribute to and the Push for Female Inclusion

Originally Published: Tuesday, August 24, 2004
Written by: Metal Lex

Initial Encounter with Creator

Initially, when I first met Kelly, the creator of, I didn’t realize it was her web page. In a random search for sXe/hardcore sites, I had come across hers, and I never knew we would end up meeting, let alone becoming friends.

Appreciation for Kelly’s Contribution to Hardcore

I wish I had met Kelly sooner than I did, and for these reasons: she is one of the few girls in hardcore, that I know, who not only supports the scene, but actually has a passion for it. With her knowledge and her devotion, she opted to create a web page, to open the doors for girls in the hardcore scene.

Active Involvement in the Hardcore Scene

We go to hardcore shows, to support the scene. It’s who we are. We went to shows together, we wrote reviews, we interviewed bands, we debuted CDs on our radio shows (WNHU 88.7 FM). We did all that we could do, to help the scene.

Addressing the Gender Imbalance in Music

I don’t care what anyone fucking tells me, the music industry is a MALE DOMINATED business. Whether it is bluegrass, ska, reggae, jazz, rock and roll, metal or hardcore, women are just NOW coming to the foreground of these genres of music.

Criticisms on the Web Page

Kelly has been chastised to the nth degree on her web page. Here are some idiotic statements that appear on the page (generally speaking): girls in hardcore are dykes, girls shouldn’t be in hardcore, this page doesn’t promote girls because guys are the only ones who write articles, etc. etc. etc.

Responding to Criticism and Encouraging Female Voices

Obviously, Kelly has created a forum in which both males and females can attribute their creative juices. The more people condemn our efforts to integrate the scene, the harder we fight.

Kelly’s Role as a Leader and Motivator

For those people who have never met Kelly, and think she is some frilly little girl who’s motivation behind creating this page is to somehow use it to her advantage, you’re wrong. Kelly is hardcore, and she has taken great strides to help girls in the scene.

A Call to Action for Female Involvement

In my eyes, she, in essence, has started a movement. By all means she is a leader. So to the reader, if you happen to be female, don’t bitch about this page and its lack of “feminine touch”. It’s your fault for not contributing.

Addressing Male Attitudes in Hardcore

And to the males who think girls should stay out of hardcore, shut the fuck up. It’s only a matter of time before equality sets in.

Encouragement for Community Involvement

And to our supporters, go to shows, meet the bands, get involved. You are the scene, and the scene is you.

Written by posi_sam on 2005-09-19 00:12:18you are so fucken right. 
she is a leader.
Written by Guest on 2005-06-11 07:38:53i am against sexism. i think true girls dedicated to the scene are awesome. more power to you. 
i think the only bands i listen to right now with female vocalist are gather and walls of jericho but if you know of any other good ones please send me a messege via myspace 
a guy named ryan
Written by heartrestarter on 2005-01-21 02:29:04that was a awesome article. =]

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