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Hardcore: A Slovenian Perspective

Originally Published: Thursday, October 6, 2005
Written by: grega kphc avbelj  

Discovering the Scene in Slovenija

My name is Grega, I am from a small country in central Europe called SLOVENIJA, and I’m 20 years old….. I started with hardcore (music, not life stile yet)7 years ago. In my hometown, Koper, there is club called MKC. There was a show at Koper of a local band and I decided to check it out.

Embracing Diverse Hardcore Influences

NO LIMITS was playing (local hardcore heroes in the sick of it all, carry on way of hardcore). The show was fuckin`great..I felt like…I was at the right place. I started to get into the hardcore scene, from Brazilian ratos de porao to New York’s Biohazard, sick of it all, agnostic front. I started to like it a lot.
For several years I just listen to cds never really going to the concerts just a few metal shows.

Diving into the Hardcore Scene

One day I discovered a new band from my country called LOW PUNCH(kick ass old school fast hardcore in your face). They were  playing an all hc/punk show in Slovenija. I went to see them all the time and went in the pit 🙂 Thank God in 2000, the played in the town Nova Gorica, a  few km from my hometown.  Cataract, Darkest Hour, then few years later Walls of Jericho, Undying, Shai Hulud, Bridge to Solace, and  Hatebreed played too…yeah dude!!!  

The Formation of Hardcore Koper Crew

Over the years to year we created a crew called hardcore koper crew made of 3 guys iand 3 girls. We support the scene as much as we can .We travel f\ 100, 200, 300 km for some shows in a week, visiting Austria, Croatia, and Italy. There are more shows because the country is big. But we are small. We went to pressure fest this year…its 1200k for us…you know…some 20 year old kids with their own car traveling so far….if we don’t support the scene then I don’t know who is?!?!?!?….

Living the Hardcore Life: Music, Travel, and Supporting the Scene

I am not sXe or vegan….I like beer and meat…I just my life…I can’t live without meat, milk and another animal stuff….getting drunk with friend…this is how its like to be guy from Slovenia :))  I think if you are in sxe vegan scene its ok, you know…if you are just for your self…then cool…but keep it for your self, do make some noise around that  I hate that I really hate that…that someone judge you if you’re not sxe or vegan…BE YOUR SELF BY YOUR SELF FOR YOUR SELF!!!!!!

So, now in my 20 year I am all into hardcore, in music and style!

With my crew, we started going to hardcore shows.  I’ve worked with Hate Breed and a lot of other bands not as well known. Here in Slovenija there are few hc shows in a year.  It is not like in the US where every week some great well known bands play.

I have some friends from other countries, Know a lot of band and we are in touch…

Building the Scene: Organizing Shows and Connecting with the Community

Now on 19th of October we are doing out town and enemy ground show

In big thing for us!! That friends from other town Dirty Skunks crew are doing Shattered realm, donnybrook, blacklisted…friend from Gorica some metal core shows…its finally star to happen here in Slovenija but till this days…just boring few shown in year.

Challenging Fashion Core

I can say that we have here 90% of fashion core….you can see on concert all the same wear, same emo hairstyle, some tight shirts and standing in the crowd…shit man

They just want to look cool….come on dude…starts to move …mosh and destroy the place…

Hope for the Future: A Vision for Hardcore in Slovenij

What can I say…small things become big someday…I hope that hc scene in Sloveniaj will rise!!!

That’s all from me sorry for my English

Greetings from Slovenija, Europe

Grega, kphc crew

Written by vixley on 2005-12-12 17:58:25Thats great that you support what your into no matter how far away u have to travel, thats what its all about, compassion. 
and your English isnt too bad i understood haha 

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