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Interview: 24 Hours To Live

Originally Published: Sunday, August 21, 2005
Written by: Jabby Alexandria Bah

Right from the 305 of Miami, 24 Hours To Live started out two years ago as another local band, hoping to make it in the business. Back from their east coast tour the throat of the band, Robert Marquetti let me in on what’s been keeping the boys busy.

How did you come to be apart of 24 Hours To Live?

I just walked into this room two years ago and totally different members were playing and I just started singing, and it worked out from there.

What are some of your influences?

I like a lot of punk, I got into hardcore through it, so defiantly Minor Threat is on my list, Gorilla Biscuits, Operation Ivy. It’s a lot of mix and match.

Did you think you guys would be as successful as you are now?

Probably not. You’ll probably see me under a bridge in a couple of weeks, trying to sell merch.

Your new EP just came out, what are some of the changes on this one?

It’s a lot harder, not less punk, actually more punk, but just a lot heavier, and more technical. We’re having a CD release party the beginning of next month.

How was your last tour different than the other ones?

It was the longest tour we’re ever been on. It tested us a lot, we got mad at each other a lot, but there were some good times.

What did you guys do to keep busy?

Well, some of us smoked, and some of us didn’t.

I guess that answer my next question, about if all of  you or some of you are straightedge?

We just lost our guitar player Chad and he was straighedge, so now the band is I guess now, non-straighedge.

What happened to Chad?

I don’t know, he just quit on tour.

So you guys are on the east coast somewhere and he just quits?

No, he finished the shows, he’s not a dick about it, he’s still a good friend of mine, but he just didn’t want to do it anymore. So we got a new guitar player.

And who’s that?

This guy Tyler, he used to play for Deadline a long time ago. He agreed to go on the Texas tour we were going to go on, and he did, but we didn’t go.

How do you feel about the girls who are coming into the hardcore scene, and are forming their own bands or who want to?

I love girls, so I love it when girls make bands, and go to shows. I like seeing girls get all buck and crazy, and I wish more of them would do it, but most of them are just wallflowers.

So you think most of the girls are shows are there just to look cool or for the music?

Yeah, well it’s the same at any rock type concert, it’s make dominated. That’s just how it is.

How do you feel about girls who get in the pit?

Well I don’t try and hit people, but if  I see a girl I try my best not to hit her, people are just trying to have fun, and if you get hit, you get hit.

What do you think about girls who are apart of xsisterhoodx, and who are trying to show it’s about the music and not looking cool?

I don’t know much about xsisterhoodx, but if girls want to organize and revolutionize the scene and get more girls into it, that’s cool. It’s more money for the bands.

If you’re in the area, definantly check out the shows the guys will be playing:

September, 3 2005 at Kafe Krystal
10855 SW 72 st., Miami, FL 33155
Cost: 8

Bands TBA

September, 16 2005 at THE ALLEY
1748 NW 35th St., Miami, FL 33142

Until The End
Kids Like Us
Seventh Star
Down to Nothing
Cast Aside
Twenty Four Hours to Live
Carter beats the Devil
Dead Weight
DOORS @ 5 PM Presale $13 / Day of $15

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