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Interview: Ally French from Bloodlined Calligraphy

Originally Published: Monday, May 09, 2005
Written by: Nicole XXX

The long and awaited interview with Ally of Bloodlined Calligraphy has finally made its way to After sending Ally a few questions and talking to her a bit on the internet it was interesting to find out what makes her and the band tick. Hopefully, this interview shows how dedicated and heartfelt the whole band is. Ally is truly your everyday girl who has the guts and determination to do what she wants.

Q: With the arrival of your new CD, how do you expect or how would you like people to react upon listening to this CD?

A: I hope they are as stoked as we are. I hope it makes them like dance upon the first listen. I hope they like it too! We are very proud of this album and are excited to see what happens with it!

Q:You all have played with the likes of Zao, and Walls of Jericho; has this Influenced you in any way, or inspired you? Now that the band is getting more recognition nationwide in the hardcore scene do you feel any different or look at anything differently?

A: Bigger bands are always an influence. There’s nothing more awesome than seeing a pile-on on top of a pile-on like I saw No Innocent Victim have this year in California at Facedown Fest. That stuff makes me want to get a kabillion kids to learn our words so we have a gigantic pile-on. As the band gets bigger, I don’t so much look at things differently, as it just makes me happy. I’m not all about fame or being popular, but I am all about kids picking up the CD and learning the mosh parts and sing-alongs and whatnot. That totally pumps me up.

Q:Ally, being the second singer in the band, does this ever affect you or the band? Also being not only the second singer but following a guy in a male dominated music scene, do you ever get discouraged or shot down by people? What are the good and bad points of this?

A: Oh yeah. Old fans from when the old guy was in the band boo at me and tell me to get off the stage but it’s like you can’t let that get to you. Being in a band isn’t for everyone and you have to have a pretty thick skin or you’ll end up crying a lot. I used to get put down so much for being a girl but it was pretty hard for people to deny that I was just as talented as he was. I  don’t get discouraged very often. The only thing that gets to me now is if someone close to me or someone I look up to musically puts me down. But that’s hard no matter what, in and out of the music scene. Being in this band has made me stronger and made me dig deep down for true self-esteem. 

Q: What separates this CD apart from the EP before it?

A: Haha…everything. The EP was old music written in 1999-2001. In other words, it was really old. The lineup has shifted a lot and so has the music. Without getting too “genre-specific” this CD has a lot more of a hardcore feel but it definitely has just the right taste of metal in it. The vocals are a lot more hard-hitting and the gang vocals are really energetic! 

Q: Since on tour have you had anything out of the ordinary happen, or anything that sticks out to you or the band?

A: We’ve been having amazing show turnouts on this tour and kids are just eating up the new material. For us, that is different. And we couldn’t be more pleased.

Q: Has there been any cities or towns (people and the place) on tour that stick out in your mind so far (besides your hometown)?

A: There are too many to name, all of them have been great. From Norfolk to Nashville, we’ve had such an amazing response and the dancers came out in full effect, bringing brutal mosh. 

Q: After being successful and more known, playing back in your hometown, how would you explain that experience? Is it any different than before?

A: Yes. You can see the respect in people’s eyes. Gaining respect from the hometown bands and kids is the most important thing to me and in Detroit/mid-Michigan, that’s not an easy task.

Q: If you could offer any advice to girls, or anyone for that matter in bands or aspire to go on tour and play music what would it be?

A: A lot of people look down on ladies in hardcore because so many girls attend shows as their boyfriends coat racks. My advice to the ladies is to go to the shows to watch the music and rip it up in the pit. Pick up the CD because you dig the music, not to get scene points with some popular scene dude. Get your lady friends to go to shows and get into the music. So many people will tell you that this is a guys’ scene and you don’t belong- don’t ever listen to them. Dress modestly, act with dignity, and dance hard.

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