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Pensive: More Than Just a Mood

Originally Published: Wednesday, October 31, 2007
Written by: Toni Rivera 

Discovering IMF and a New Favorite: Pensive

As I sit here I am watching music videos on IMF. For those of you who don’t know what IMF is, it is the International Music Feed. I am thinking to myself, I would rather be watching a Pensive music video, rather than watch Sean Kingston sing. So now that I made that small introduction, I am going to tell you about one of my favorite bands, my friends, and some of the nicest people ever….Pensive.

First Encounter and Instant Connection

When my friend invited me to go to the September 7th show in Long Beach I said okay. So I decided to listen to their music on MySpace to get ready for the show. I INSTANTLY fell in LOVE with their music. I also added the guys personally to get to know them better. I became instant friends with all the members (including the 2 newest members). I love those guys. The show was FANTASTIC. I walked away with pictures with the boys, and memories & I also bought some cool merchandise such as a shirt, CD, poster, sticker, and a patch.if you don’t see them live you have NO IDEA what you are missing.

Meet the Band: Pensive’s Lineup

Now let me tell you about the band. Pensive is a band that defines itself as a rock/alternative/power pop. They originate out of San Diego, California with big dreams & big hearts. The band originated back when members Julio & Patrick met in high school.

Individual Members, Unique Personalities

Pensive consists of 4 adorable, (sexy), and wonderfully nice members. They are Julio, who sings & plays guitar, Patrick who plays guitar, and the newest members Billy who plays bass & vocals, and Dave who plays the drums. Want to know a bit more about each member? Okay, I’ll tell you. Julio is one of the nicest people on the planet. Go to a show & he doesn’t know you, oh well, he will hug you anyway. I never have a dull conversation with him. if you get the chance to ask him what his favorite fast food is, he will instantly reply In N Out (with enthusiasm I might add). Born on February 20th, Pisces enjoys playing poker. With a heart of gold! While the band is currently on tour right now,(which started with a September 7th CD release show. To release their new CD ARTIFACTS), he always finds time to try & reply to emails to stay updated with his friends and fans.

A Closer Look: Getting to Know the Band Members

Now while Julio may give you a hug right away, member Patrick will greet you with a wonderful smile. Born on September 7th, this Virgo loves music. He is also a Star Wars fan. Ask him what his favorite part of being in a band and he will say creating new music. He also admires people who ‘follow their bliss’. Even on a bad day, I was greeted with a big smile when I went to the show (which was also his birthday). While Pensive has 2 new members I decided to do a little Q&A with them. Billy is one to always make you smile. I always look forward to our conversations. Born on October 13th, this Libra LOVES his theme parks. As he is always telling me his favorite is Bush Gardens. Although they are on tour I was able to ask Billy one question that I was dying to know, (this question can NOT be found on either their MySpace or Website).

Fun Interactions and Fan Experiences

What is the CRAZIEST and NICEST thing a fan has ever done for you?” Billy: “Haha the craziest thing a fan has ever done would be to offer to drive me back home and end up taking me to her place instead, and the nicest thing a fan has ever done would be to buy my dinner after a show.” I instantly replied with laughter & told him that was crazy. With a killer smile & awesome sense of humor, you will take an instant liking to this new member. Dave is the member to makes you feel like an instant friend. The youngest member of the band (age 20), this new member will make you laugh. Born on February 20th (2 February birthdays), this Pisces loves every aspect of being in a band except for the (stage) makeup. I also got a chance to ask Dave what the CRAZIEST thing a fan has ever done & the NICEST thing a fan has ever done. His crazy story is well, you can find out.

Concluding Thoughts on Pensive and Their Impact

While I can go on and on about each member and all of the wonderful things about them, this article eventually has to come to an end.

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