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Review: This is Hardcore

Originally Published: Friday, December 5, 2008
Written by: Beth

The Unparalleled Experience of Music Festivals

I’ve always felt fests are one of the best ways to experience music. Days worth of nonstop musical amazing-ness. They give audiences a chance to see bands they may not normally get to see. This is Hardcore 2008 was definitely no different. There was a great variety of bands on the bill, from more punk-styled hardcore acts like Paint it Black and Ceremony, to more “tough guy” styled hardcore ie. Jasta and Terror. In most normal touring situations these bands would never play together.

Celebrating Diverse Hardcore Influences

Also, it was great to see some old-school bands playing to young-ins who may have never heard them before, like Ensign, Vision, and Maximum Penalty. Whereas on the other hand, it was sweet to see some up-and-coming bands play to out-of-touch older guys, like Killing the Dream, Let Down, and the Mongoloids.

Spotlight on Rising Stars and Community Spirit

Another one of my favorite parts about fests is discovering smaller bands that play early. Bands that played that I think you people should definitely check out include: Lighten Up!, My Turn To Win, and Braindead.

Diverse Audience: A Celebration of Inclusivity

There seemed to be a lot of people who traveled out to TIH, and it was refreshing to see lots of different faces. Also, I would just like to say Girl Power! More girls came out of this than I have ever seen before. I would say it was about a 3:1 ratio of boys to girls. And I don’t know about you but I think that is very exciting! There was definitely an overwhelming feeling of community spreading around.

Unforgettable Moments and Camaraderie

Members of bands hung around after they already played to watch other bands, on stage or even in the crowd. David Wood of Down to Nothing fame sang guest vocals with No Turning Back. To cap it all off, in the end, a pool was taken to help Colin of Arabia out of their rotten situation.

Efficient Organization and Personal Highlights

The whole fest ran very smoothly without hardly any scuffles, and pretty much every band started on time. Mad props to Joe Hardcore for the way this was managed. My personal highlights included sets from Paint it Black, Blacklisted, and Ceremony. All the bands were pretty awesome, but I feel these bands just killed it. Kids went nuts. It’s moments like these that remind me of why I got into hardcore in the first place.

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