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Show Review: Sworn Vengeance

Written by: Valerie_ Reno  Originally Posted on Wednesday, 31 October 2007 

The Anticipated Return of Sworn Vengeance

Five years ago, Sworn Vengeance played their last show and many kids were bummed. But on Friday, October 26th, 2007, Sworn Vengeance re-united for one show, and one show only. Reno, NV is notorious for its straight edge scene, and famous hardcore bands and Sworn Vengeance has always felt at home in Reno. Who knew that Sworn Vengeance wanted to play another show in the biggest little city in the world.

A Personal Discovery and Anticipation

I first heard Sworn Vengeance last year, it’s sad I know, but once I heard their music, I was instantly upset that they were no longer playing together. The music is fast, brutal, heavy, loud, and sends a message. If only I could see them one time! When the rumors started to fly around about a SW show, I became excited. Luckily, my boyfriend, Brandon McGrath knows the boys in Sworn Vengeance quite well and he went out of his way to set it up. In the back of my mind, I contemplated this would screw up and it wouldn’t happen. Fortunately, the day came and everyone in Reno was as stoked as could be.

The Night of the Show: Atmosphere and Bands

The show attracted about 200 kids or so, a smaller number than we thought, but the turnout was nice. Quite a few bands wanted to play with SW, but the list had been set. 1618 from Reno, Turok from the Bay Area, Five Victims Four Graves from Sacramento, CA, Wintch Mob from Las Vegas, and Barcadia from Reno. (A House Cursed couldn’t make it.)The night of the show I agreed to help out and run the door. I took money from tons of kids, half of them dressed in some outrageous or stupid costume for Halloween. While I sat upfront with a few friends, I listened to each band, none exactly catching my attention. Each sounded like metal and I enjoyed the music while I checked each paying customer.

Anticipation Builds for Sworn Vengeance’s Set

When 1618 began, I raced over to take a couple of photos and see the band in their Reservoir Dogs get-ups, which of course my boyfriend ruined and wore a blue t-shirt instead of a white button-up! 1618 (pictured above) is being held in high esteem as Reno’s newest, best hardcore/metal band. Be sure to check them out from the links below. The show seemed to go on for hours, but around 10:30-11:00 pm, SW was set to perform. Before they started I was afraid that if I left the door I would miss out on money, but also came to the conclusion that I wouldn’t charge anyone JUST to see SW. So I closed the cash box, locked it up in my truck, jumped up top a skate ramp for a good view, and waited excitedly for SW to play.

A Triumphant Performance and Memorable Finale

Songs such as Razored Cross and Generations were played. The crowd was getting extremely crazy and enjoyed themselves immensely. I was very happy that skate ramps were all around, giving me a better view. There is nothing worse than standing in the very back of a venue only listening to the music without being able to see. Sworn Vengeance delivered a great set and kids loved it. Of course towards the end of their set, the last song was announced and the kids went crazy. I recorded the second to last song, Hammer, and as the crowd became crazier and crazier my steady hands became a bit shaky. I almost got mauled over a few times, but thankfully the crowd stayed below the skate ramps. When the second to last song ended, it was pretty clear to many that the show was over, but after the beckoning of the crowd, they decided to play one more song. The last song was dedicated to Reno Straight Edge and the crowd loved it!

Reflecting on an Incredible Experience

Firestorm played last and the kids took every opportunity to jump on top of Ryan (SW’s singer) and grab the microphone. Each kid lent their vocals to them and it was a free for all. Too bad those who took off missed it! Sworn Vengeance proved to be the nicest, raddest guys. They put on the greatest show I could have imagined. Not bad for seeing a band for the first time at their first show in five years. I’m sure those of you who have known about Sworn Vengeance are wondering if Carl from First Blood and Doug from Terror were there. No, they all had things going on during the time. But Sworn Vengeance had many members who stepped up to the plate and played an amazing show.


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