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Reviving New Winds: Hardcore Benefit Matinee for Animals in Portugal – 12/17/2023

What better way could it be for New Winds to play on stage again? In a matinee of hardcore concerts for the animal cause – and so it was.

It’s been a while and was about time that we had a hardcore benefit matinee in Portugal but before I talk about it, first, a small reminder… Punk and hardcore, as a base and music has always been related or somehow political or rooted in politics, rebellion, and activism. It’s also about supporting causes and about the community coming together and backing up each other as a fundamental base and philosophy of practice. 

There are so many bands whose activism and reckoning with justice and ethics are foundational. Also, other topics such as animal liberation or other injustices happen in society every day. 

The Return of New Winds: Straight-edge legends return after a decade. A different band formation for a new era.

New Winds is one of the oldest hardcore straight edge bands from Portugal and definitely, a band that captures all that, and their message is strongly focused on political and social issues and veganism. They haven’t played live for around 10 years and for this gig, they’ve come up with a different band formation and specific line-up. 

Organizing a Hardcore Matinee for a Cause: Meet the three dedicated riot ladies behind the event. Uniting the hardcore community for animal welfare.

To make this afternoon happen three riot ladies stood up (Patricia, Carina, and Nádia) – they made it happen and organized this hardcore matinee in Incrivel Almadense at Margem Sul, Portugal. It was an animal cause and all the different donations made for dogs and cats were delivered to União Zoófila as well as all the ticket fees. 

An Inter-Generational Hardcore Gathering: Veteran bands Last Hope, Deadly Mind, and Neighborz share the stage. The heartwarming sight of young and old supporting a common cause

Other local hardcore bands played like old-school veterans Last Hope, Deadly Mind, and Neighborz. Was amazing to see such different generations and layers within the hardcore community, coming together and supporting such a great cause. We could even see the children of some of the band members, watching their parents play. 

Messages Amidst the Music: “Break” from New Winds addresses mental health and community. A poignant reminder of global struggles with a “Free Palestine” flag.

“Break”, the leading vocalist and frontman of New Winds, gave some inspirational speeches between songs which remind us how important is to reach out if you are struggling with mental issues such as depression. Or also the importance of reaching out to your neighbor next door and what’s going on with the world nowadays. Also, a “Free Palestine” flag was up all noon and reminded everyone of the suffering and the oppression of a heartless system of power.

Hopefully, those who were present at this matinee felt somehow reminded or inspired to embrace some part of a revolution of the powerless. I raise my fist, “Fight The Power”. 

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