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Show Review: Bonnaroo 2007

Originally Published: Monday, July 2, 2007
Written by: Megan 

With a wide variety of tunes, comedians, shops, to-dos, people, and well, drugs; Bonnaroo 2007 was kick ass experience for all. There are a plethora of words that I can use to explain my experience, but I don’t believe that combining them all would give proper credit. Hiking through the heat was a bit of a task, but it was worth it every time we got to the big Bonnaroo archway. The vibe created by all of the people there was amazing. About 100,000 completely eccentric souls gallivanting on a 700 acre farm in Manchester, TN for four days is, well, utterly insane.

The music was sick. The line up was awesome. On Thursday night, Mute Math and Clutch both hyped the ‘Roonians. Opening night was great. Everyone was still fresh, and still a little unprepared for what they were about to endure. Friday was awesome. Throughout the day, Cold War Kids, Brazilian Girls, Kings of Leon, The Roots, and The Black Keys flooded the Roo with audio waves. My personal favorite of the day would have to be The Black Keys. They are a freaking super duo to the extreme. They rocked. Then it was off to see Tool. It was…mind blowing. For the entire show, 80,000 people sat there in awe of the sound, lasers, light shows, and videos. I’ll vote it best performance of the festival, hands down. The night closed with some Aesop Rock, STS9, DJ Shadow, and the annual Super Jam ft. John Paul Jones, Ben Harper, and ?uestlove. Saturday was tiring. I was getting beamed on by the blistering Tennessee sun. First, Regina Spektor, she was spectacular. Through the day she was followed by Ziggy Marley, Damien Rice, Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals, Spoon, and Franz Ferdinand. As night fell, The Police came on stage. It was a great show. Stuart Copeland is the man. The night was finished with a crowd pleasing performance by the Flaming Lips, and a sweet Sasha and John Digweed show. By Sunday, I am definitely ready to go home. Now, don’t get me wrong, my time at Bonnaroo was probably the best time of my life. Complete freedom, no worries, and good people, it’s all I need. By that fourth day, it was enough. I needed reality again. I was strictly there for the music this day. Wolfmother and The Decemberists played during the day. Wolfmother was rad live. Those dudes are raw. The Decemberists played a good chilled out set. I really enjoyed it. Then the White Stripes came on. They were just as I expected, black, red, and loud. I love that brother sister team.

Walking the 3 mile road to the car on Sunday night seemed to take forever. I thought about all the things I had seen, the people I’d met, and I’m really happy that I went. It was a fucking amazing experience. I can’t wait to do it again next year.

Mother, wife, small business owner.

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