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Originally Published: Friday, December 5, 2008
Written by: Alexa Assion

Music is one of my passions. I’m currently getting into metalcore, and I have a lot of friends really into hardcore. I started to notice how male-dominated these genres were. Not many females are represented. Maybe because their male counterparts don’t feel they can do “lows” (low screams) low enough. Some guys even have a problem with girls moshing. Why should it matter? Why can’t us ladies be as “low” or jump around bashing into each other just like the guys? I asked around and decided to highlight some bands that have some kick-ass girls breaking into these genres. These girls are defying standards by playing traditionally male instruments (guitar/drums etc), are vocalists where males usually are highlighted or are a band full of girls holding their own in male-dominated genres. Below are a few bands. First is the band name, 2. The genre of music 3. What instrument the girl(s) play, and where you can read more or check out their music.

IWRESTLEDABEARONCE- metal/grindcore; vocals and guitar;

 myspace. com/ghammercrust
myspace. com/reqstormheaven

Nausea – crust punk/new York hardcore vocals;

Bolt thrower – death/metal; bass player ; (MP3 files)

Scrotum grinder –hardcore; vocals;

Fucked up – hardcore/punk; bass player

Gallhammer – new wave/metal/punk; all; myspace. com/ghammercrustCatharsis – gutair;

I Object! –hardcore/punk; vocals;

Sick fix –hardcore; vocals;

Requiem –hardcore/punk; drums/vocals, violin; myspace. com/reqstormheaven

Mother, wife, small business owner.

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