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WORDS : LUCA CESCON Discovered Magazine -23/06/2020

Is Delaware the new mecca of hardcore music? According to the discography of bands like Simulakra, No Option, Too Late, and Year Of The Knife, just to name a few, the answer is yes. Geographically located close to Pennsylvania and New Jersey, two of the most important States that come to mind when talking about hardcore and punk music, Delaware has been delivering some amazing acts in the last five years. The East Coast is shining again: while the West Coast came to us with extraordinary records from bands like Drain and Rotting Out, Delaware in particular is trying to have its say with the new Year Of The Knife’s album. Internal Incarceration will mark the return of the metallic hardcore outfit, with thirteen tracks that will set a new bar for modern heavy music. Following Ultimate Aggression, a collection of old tracks released one year ago, Internal Incarceration is going to be Year Of The Knife’s first full length record. 

Retracing the history of this band, we can say that five years have passed since the beginning of this project, with guitarist Brandon confirming us that “it’s been a blast so far, I’d like to describe this first five years as positive chaos”. For those who are not familiar with this band, it’s important to say that the Year Of Knife project includes actual familial connections: the vocalist is Tyler alongside Brandon (guitar) and Madison (bass) being husband and wife, plus the twin brothers Aaron and Andrew on guitar and drums duties respectively. These bonds are not the only one linking the band’s members: since its beginning, Y.O.T.K. has always been a straight edge band. 

Read the rest of the article here: IN-DEPTH: YEAR OF THE KNIFE – INTERNAL INCARCERATION

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