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Power Alone

New California Hardcore Band Power Alone Comes Ripping with “Something Real”

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON I By Carlos Ramirez | @MusicQuizKing | 9.9.2019

The purpose of this piece is to introduce you to Power Alone, a new hardcore comprised of musicians from southern and northern California. “My brother Dustin, Allan, and I were all in a band together called Gather, which broke up in 2007, and Dustin and Joven were in a band together called Lockstep, which broke up in 2012 or so,” says vocalist Eva Hall, who prior to this band fronted Rats in the Wall. “Even though some of us lost touch with each other for a while, and we were in different bands since then, I’d always missed playing music with Dustin and Allan.

“When we decided to start a new straight edge band, we asked our friends Joven and Sean to join to complete it. We live all over the place, from San Francisco down to Orange County, so this band has given us an excuse to get to hang out with each other more than we normally would otherwise.”

This coming winter, Power Alone will be releasing their debut album, a self-titled collection recorded by Paul Miner (Terror, Adolescents). No Echo is happy to present the premiere of “Something Real,” a track from the LP:

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What is No Echo? No Echo was started by Carlos Ramirez (Black Army Jacket, Hope Collapse, Lakota, Deny the Cross) and Andrew Aversion ( It is a collaborative project covering hardcore, metal, and everything in-between.

Mother, wife, small business owner.

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