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Show Review: The Legacy/ The Fight Back

Originally Published: Friday March 18, 2005
Written by: ThisTimeAround

Spotlight UK Hardcore Scene

For those outside the UK who haven’t heard The Legacy, they are a five-piece, straight edge, melodic hardcore band (think Turning Point, more recently moving towards a sound similar to Modern Life Is War) from Sheffield in the North of England. On the UK label Dead and Gone Records, these guys are definitely a good advert for UK hardcore.

Kicking Off The Legacy’s UK Tour

The 11th of March 2005 was the start of a nine-date UK tour which started with two dates in Scotland (Glasgow and Aberdeen) and a third in Durham. These three dates were awesome with support including Scottish bands: Engage, By My Hands and, in my opinion, one of the best ‘up and coming bands’ in the UK right now, The Fight Back. The Fight Back boys are another five-piece band from Falkirk in Scotland. It’s a bold claim to make, but I would compare them to Faded Grey, occasionally meeting American Nightmare. I did say it was bold!

The Legacy’s Standout Performances

The Legacy’s shows did not disappoint. Each of the three dates that I saw was intense and nothing short of awesome. They even came through without a microphone after it pretty much broke in Durham. Adam (vocals) paced about the crowd who helped him make up for this loss, what they lost in sound they certainly gained in passion. The band demonstrated they could play what the crowd wanted, working through almost all of the songs on their two MCDs across the three dates. The high points for me were an amazing rendition of ‘End of the Line’ which they played in Aberdeen, and ‘Dead Weight’ which inspired crowd participation every time they played it. There is no denying that The Legacy deserves all the attention they get. When I got back to my flat after these gigs, I was completely gutted that they were over.

The Fight Back’s Impressive Presence

The Fight Back are always well-received at Scottish gigs and Glasgow and Aberdeen proved no exception. However, the real high point was Durham, where the crowd really went off to their covers of American Nightmare’s ‘Hearts’ and Ten Yard Fight’s, ‘Running Scared’. Given that the majority of them had not heard the band before, I was pretty siked to see this. The band’s own song, ‘We Let It Slip’ went down well. With lyrics like: “Live for this moment, live for today”, like a can of Pepsi, it couldn’t fail to bring out the posi side in everyone present! This band is going from strength to strength and I (amongst many) can’t wait until they put a record out.

Engage and Break It Up: Established Names in UK Hardcore

Engage, who played at all three shows, is already a well-established band in the UK (having toured with Bane and AFI) and plays traditional old-school hardcore. Their bassist, Mark, stepped into the spotlight in Durham to sing a Dag Nasty cover which was a bit of a treat. Only playing Durham was Break It Up, another UK band, if you think Instead then you are thinking along the right lines. The crowd went crazy for them, resulting in one of the best moments of crowd participation all night and stuffing the small Rowing Club venue out of its doors. Although they aren’t my cup of tea, Break It Up are a band you should check out if you are deeply into your old-school hardcore. I just find them a bit samey.

Information on The Fight Back can be found at:

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