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Scene Report: Oakland, C.A.

Originally Published: Sunday, March 13, 2005
Written by: Cristina Rivas

The Rich Musical Landscape of the Bay Area

The Bay Area has its advantages when it comes to music. Along with the diverse culture comes the variety of music. The bands range from Metal, Ska, Punk, Hardcore, Screamo, Indie, Emo, and any other style to pleasure your listening mood. Many local venues hold shows; four to five times a week; mainly for local and underground bands but bigger names are also welcome. Some of these venues are Roosters Roadhouse, The Metro, Blakes, The Verge, The Gaslighter and many more.

Gilman and Imusicast: Pioneers in the Local Music Scene

One of the more popular venues is Gilman; our version of CBGB includes the tagging on the walls. Its location is Berkeley and it is run by volunteers, it only holds weekend shows mainly for hardcore and punk bands. My personal favorite is the Imusicast. There; the genres vary so there’s always a different scene going on. They also hold live broadcasts over the web at, so there is never an excuse to miss a show since there’s the option of viewing from home.

Imusicast’s Unique Offerings and Live Broadcasts

One of the most popular types of shows at the Imusicast are the L3 shows; Loud, Live, and Local. These are held at least twice a month and every band around the bay tries to get a spot on it. The L3 are presented by The Matches; which is where they got their start. This is a great way for up-and-coming bands to reach out to a wider audience. Such bands are Tragedy Andy, Dexter Danger, Desa, Forthmorning, Fingertight, Street to Nowhere, The Matches, and so forth.

Spotlight on Local Talent: From Hardcore to Indie

Some of my favorite locals are At Risk, a straight-edge hardcore/punk band from Santa Cruz. They have been featured in local hardcore compilations and are currently working on their first full-length release. A Life In Vain is a six-piece band from Morgan Hill with an original blend of post-hardcore, screamo, and pop-punk. Their live performances are full of explosive energy that never disappoints. There is also the favored Tragedy Andy, an indie/pop-punk band from SF. They played at last year’s warped tour after Kevin Lyman came across their music; helping their fan base become stronger. Tragedy Andy and The Matches are an example to how great the local scene can become.

If interested in knowing a little more about each of the bands mentioned, they can all be found on Myspace and/or Pure Volume. Make sure to also check for their live web broadcasts. Until the next show

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