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Straight Edge Obsession: When Lyrics Become Dogma

The Fine Line Between Inspiration and Fanaticism in the Straight Edge Movement

The Lure of Literal Interpretation

As most of us who are rational and logical human beings can see, some people are just messed up. Can you imagine if these same people applied the same logic and blind following to other lyrics outside of Straight Edge bands?

Absurd Expectations from Lyrics

Would classic rock fans be expected to literally rock and roll all night, plus party every single day? Would they never get a chance to sleep? Or would it be no sleep till Brooklyn? Do Suicidal Tendencies fans only drink Pepsi? Should all lyrics be taken as direct guidelines on how to live our lives without any original thoughts of our own?

Dealing with Literalism

Most of us would say, “No way!” For those few weak and sick individuals who can’t differentiate between art and real life, I am sorry for you and hope you seek professional help.

For the rest of us, please be wary when confronting these people because they are absorbent, vapid sponges that have no thoughts of their own. Do not try to convince, rationalize, or hold a debate with these unfortunate few because if it’s not in their playlist, they won’t be able to understand it. It won’t make any sense to them.

Musical Diversity vs. Dogma

If those disciples of the X are looking for some new sacred words to follow, I suggest they try listening to XMunicipal WasteX, XNine Inch NailsX, or XWhitey MorganX and leave something that should be a clearly positive influence, alone.

The Power of Personal Lyrics

Write your own lyrics, to your own song, and may we all sing along.

Concluding Thoughts

Keep it positive, or at the very least, rational.

Radical Sobriety

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