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Unraveling the Boozy Web: Challenging Society’s Relationship with Alcohol

Saying No to Alcohol Why So Many Common Excuses?

Turning down a drink, or a chance to drink these days is usually viewed with suspicion or query. Although there are a number of accepted and commendable reasons to refuse the booze, it’s just not commonplace. Some of the more widely tolerated turn downs are the designated driver excuse. This one fairs well because, of course, it’s assumed you would normally be partaking in the ritual if not for this noble, situational position that has you unfortunately unable to join in the celebrations on this one, certain occasion. Another popular and accepted reason might be addiction recovery, you just enjoyed it too much, too often, you poor unfortunate soul. Or you’re on call for your socially admirable place of employment, you work in the morning, athletic health choices, clear-headed nerd reasons, pregnancy, or the very understandably, you had too much the night before but you’ll be back in the game by next weekend for sure, are all valid excuses.

Beyond the Norm: Unconventional Reasons for Sobriety

A few others that may raise the occasional eyebrow but still be allowed without too much rebuttal might be, you’re trying to break the cycle of family addiction, you were in a car accident caused by a drunk driver, raised in a house of domestic disturbance caused by the drink, allergies or it just makes you sick. There are at least a thousand and one reasons that one might choose not to indulge in alcoholic beverages that most people will commonly accept without making too much of a fuss or being too insulted at your self-righteousness. My reason is none of those.

Sobriety as a Political Statement

I could certainly fall into any number of the above-mentioned choices easily. I grew up in a house of alcoholism and literally watched it destroy my father in all the made-for-TV movie ways. The violence, the loss of his job, his family, and his future are all due to his inability to simply put the bottle down. Addiction recovery, because I have experienced first hand the lure and temptation of that accessible, easy escape from the everyday humdrum existence that we all must endure without reproach. Keeping my body fit for personal athletic pursuits. These are all reasons I could give, but none of them are the main reason I choose a life of sobriety. My reason is strictly political.

The Role of Alcohol in Society

It’s defiance. A revolt. It’s my “fuck the system” way of working towards a better future. Not my personal and private future. Not my own health and well-being. I’m not trying to be a good influence and simply leading by example. I’m just another automaton going through the motions. No amount of lyrics yelled in unison are ever going to change a goddamned thing. I’m thinking about everyone’s future. I question the entire fucking operation and I want to put that same question into everyone else’s head.

Unleashing Human Potential with Clear Minds

I’ve started looking at alcohols’ influence on society and culture as a whole. Why are the masses, worldwide so enamored with this fermented or distilled drink? What is it doing that has us all ignoring its’ repercussions and harmful effects on everything we hold dear, including our bodies, our minds, our loved ones, and our bank accounts? Why is this the social lubricant we all accept and turn to in times of turmoil or celebration? In times of heartache, joy, or despair the drink acts as a cure-all. The one medicine that never actually fixes anything and we, the people, consume it by the gallons all across this planet.

The Sobering Truth About Alcohol’s Profits and Costs

The great mass pacifier. What an amazing way to keep the people subdued, complacent, unorganized, inactive, and making governments and companies rich all in one little bottle. It’s fucking brilliant. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not one of those crazy conspiracists that think alcohol is some type of world-organized mind control program that has us all duped into being obedient little worker slaves. Don’t be ridiculous. But, that’s not too far off from what’s actually happening.

Sobriety for a Better Future

Most of us are working for the weekend. Laboring our days away on somebody else’s time clock just in anticipation of those few, measly days off that we can call our own. Use at our own discretion to do the things we want to do on our own schedule. And most of the time, I dare say, the majority of us want to spend some, or a lot, of that time drinking. Drinking to celebrate one’s perceived freedom. Drinking away that shitty work week. Drinking in camaraderie with friends and family. Drinking away our concerns or problems or drinking to forget. One way or another people will find a reason to drink in their free time.

The Unfulfilled Promises of Alcohol

It’s a very normal and accepted pastime all and of its’ own. Drinking. It’s often the precursor on why people are getting together at all. “What are you up to this weekend?” “I’m drinking!” That answer alone will be met with smiles, acceptance, laughter, and agreeance more often than not. That is accepted as a rational and approved way to spend your time. That’s something to do. Nobody ever answers with, “I’m eating!” Or, “I’m sitting!” Those actions in and amongst themselves are assumed and not ever considered the main focus of how you will be spending your time. But, drinking intoxicants is.

Building Stronger Communities Through Sobriety

This is the first part of intoxication culture that has my quizzical and suspicious mind deciding that something isn’t right or doesn’t add up. Why are we so desperate to escape? Desperate for a chance to forget, relax, let loose or feel better. What are we all trying to escape from? Oppression, government control, capitalism, all of the above? I understand the desire. I get the frustration, the animosity, and the helplessness that we all face in this domineering, corporate-controlled, demanding, and unforgiving fuck-pot we call society. But once that alcohol is gone and nothing but scattered memories and a headache remains, nothing’s changed. All those problems still persist. The bottle is empty and we’re left trudging our way back to another shitty workweek in anticipation of the following weekend where we can pretend it’s all going to be okay again. Over and over again. Wash, rinse, and repeat.

What’s Your Reason?

This is my first, “What if?” What if we stopped drinking? All of us. Collaboratively. What would people do with clear heads and a lot more fucking free time? All that time that was originally spent drinking, getting ready for drinking, and recovering from drinking, would now be wide-fucking-open. Imagine a slew of intelligent people with a host of new ideas and time to enact on those ideas, imagine what we could do. We could organize, we could communicate, we could discuss, debate, solve problems and take action, globally. If the masses took their frustration, aggravation, and hostility towards their problems with clear and open minds, together, they would be a real fucking threat to their oppressors. A clear and organized mind is a dangerous weapon to its’ opposition. We could turn that helplessness and complacency into demands and control. Worldwide general strike anyone? Imagine using the internet for more than social validation, armchair shopping, and fifteen-second viral distractions.

Positive Choices, Positive Outcomes

Part two of my prohibitive political agenda is all about the money, money, money. Booze is big money any way you look at it. Billions of dollars in profits across the globe in alcohol sales, annually. That’s just profit in sales. What about government taxes on the pacifying elixir? Billions more are made by governments and their control and taxation on boozy drinks across the nations. All of this money being made just in the sales of alcohol begs to question, how much fucking money is actually being spent on the drink? I’m sure it’s safe to say that if billions upon billions are being made then the money being spent by consumers must easily be in the trillions. That’s a fuck-ton of money going around for a fuck-ton of problems being caused by the same source.

Be Sober and Take Control of Your Future

Governments and corporations are profiting greatly from addiction, car accidents, health problems, violence, job losses, and a host of other unfavorable outcomes all caused by society’s desire to escape the lives we live. And yet, week after week, and year after year we continue to feed this destructive machine in a desperate attempt for unattainable happiness through artificial means. A fake result in a rigged game. We’re all victims playing the hero. Lying to ourselves and pretending that this is what we want. This is us exercising our rights and freedoms to do what we want with our own bodies on our own time. And if this is what “we” want, then the even bigger question remains. Why?

Why Do We Choose to Get Drunk?

Why do we want to put ourselves through painful hangovers, forgotten evenings, and struggling bank accounts? Why are we chasing the promise of an amazing time of our lives that never actually comes to fruition? Why are artists in every genre of music singing about great parties getting wasted and alcohol ads all promising us a future that doesn’t exist and why haven’t we all figured it out by now. Just like the Marlboro Man, it’s time we tear down their lies and start taking control of our own lives. Making others rich off our own misery doesn’t make sense anymore. It’s time we start making our lives something we don’t want to drown or forget. If we all stop buying, companies will have to stop selling. With all of this newfound free time, we can start making the future the place we want to be instead of another unwanted hangover.

Take Action – Build a Sustainable Future

Let’s stop paying our hard-earned money supporting addiction, violence, inequality, depression, accidents, and health problems. Let’s go forward together with focused minds and steady bodies, ready to demand real changes for real problems. Let’s build quality friendships and strong communities with a common goal and a sustainable future. Be supportive, be helpful, be honest, be strong and be there for anyone in any walk of life at any time. Be sober.

What’s Your Reason?

There are a thousand and one reasons to say no thanks to a drink. What’s yours?

Positive Choices, Positive Outcomes

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