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Straight Edge, for the Right Reason: Rediscovering Its True Essence and Values

Originally Published: Thursday, March 1, 2007
Written by: Vanessa King

Defining Straight Edge

I have chosen this path……
not to fit a mold,
not to join a trend,
not to follow a crowd,
but because it is right for me.

The Erosion of Its Philosophy

The fact that straight edge is a philosophy is slowly slipping through the cracks of the dirty grounds of the streets. It has been turned into material that is now worn on the body. It has now been turned into a trend. It is now turned into yet another thing people can judge.

Straight Edge is a lifestyle centered around personal development and well being while encouraging fun and togetherness. It is not just about being into a certain type of music or dressing a certain way. It goes deeper than this. It is to attract people away from dependency lifestyles centered around drug habits (legal or illegal) and unhealthy and exploitative eating and general living habits common in modern cultures. It’s not dogmatic, therefore no one should be able to dictate it.

Taking on Straight Edge

It is a desire to be true to oneself and to control one’s own life. You don’t join it, you take it on. You just get involved in it and start thinking for yourself. It’s not about rules. It’s not a club to where you break one of the rules and you are kicked out forever. If you slip, you get right back up and try again because no one is perfect and no one is ever going to be perfect.

The “Scene” and Its Criticisms

The “scene”, as it is so-called, is very critical. There is a certain way you have to dress, a certain amount you have to eat, a certain amount of fake hair, hair color and hair spray you have to use and probably even more that I couldn’t possibly fathom. All this to say you don’t believe in the use of drugs, alcohol, etc?

Avoiding Judgment and Extremism

A lot of people that consider themselves Straight Edge take it to an extreme. Picking fights with people who aren’t “the same as them”, harshly judging people who decide to do drugs, drink, smoke, etc just being a few named. Doing any type of drug, drinking any type of alcohol, doing anything for that matter is that person’s choice. There is no room for judging and there is especially no room for a million people trying to stand on a giant stool showing that they are better because they are “clean”.

Straight Edge was never about being judgmental. I’m sorry to say that a lot of you fellow Straight Edgers have forgotten that key token.

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