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Double Cross: Chronicling Hardcore’s Pulse and Passion

In the vibrant tapestry of hardcore history, Double Cross stands as a monumental chronicle, etched in the memories of hardcore kids. Founded in 2008 by the legendary Tim McMahon, vocalist of iconic straight-edge bands like Mouthpiece and Hands Tied, and his comrade-in-arms, Brian ‘Gordo’ Jordan, Double Cross was not just a fanzine; it was a portal to the pulsating heart of hardcore.

A Haven for Hardcore Heritage

Double Cross emerged as a bastion of hardcore culture, a treasure trove where the past and present collided. Bursting at the seams with rich, in-depth interviews, dynamic action-packed photos, and a plethora of hardcore ephemera, it served as a beacon for those seeking to immerse themselves in the genre’s raw spirit and legacy.

The Voice of a Movement

Under McMahon and Jordan’s stewardship, Double Cross transcended its physical form to become a voice for a movement. Each page, each article, was a testament to their unwavering commitment to capturing the essence of hardcore – its energy, its ethos, and its enduring impact.

A Legacy That Endures

Though now defunct, the spirit of Double Cross lives on. It remains a cherished relic for those who experienced its heyday and a source of inspiration for new generations discovering the unrelenting force of hardcore. Double Cross was more than a fanzine; it was, and continues to be, a pivotal chapter in the hardcore story.

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