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Straight Edge South Carolina Hardcore: Chris McLaine of Stretch Armstrong

Podcast: Labeled: The Stories, Rumors & Legends of Tooth & Nail Records

In this episode of “Labeled: The Stories, Rumors & Legends of Tooth & Nail Records,” hosted by Matt Carter, features a deep dive into the late ’90s Southeast hardcore music scene with Chris McLaine of Stretch Armstrong. As an early signing to Solid State Records, Stretch Armstrong emerged as a key player in this evolving music scene. While the band itself was not straight edge, McLaine was renowned for his commitment to this lifestyle, bringing a unique, positive ethos to the hardcore community. His leadership, marked by a focus on inclusivity and positive impact, set him apart as one of the most engaging frontmen of his era. The episode sheds light on McLaine’s understanding of the scene’s grassroots nature and the crucial role of community in its growth and sustainability.

Mother, wife, small business owner.

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