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Interview: Born into Suffering

Originally Published: Wednesday, February 25, 2009
Written by: Valerie_ Reno

Perth, Australia’s own Born Into Suffering is trying to get a point across even with just their own name. Vegan hardcore bands are scarce these days, but these five gentlemen are here to stay. Their lyrics are bold, poignant, and full of hatred, everything a vegan hardcore band needs. From touring to lyrics explanation to girls in hardcore, these boys cover it all. Drummer Shaun and singer Mike offer up their services by completing this interview, hoping you open your eyes to what going on around you every day in this world. You can listen to BIS at this location:

Can you please explain the name of your band, how it came about and where you are
currently located:

Shaun: Born Into Suffering is from Perth, Australia. The name came about after much discussion about band names over several weeks and what we wanted to create and portray. Will (Guitar) called me up after listening to TRIAL and said I have the band’s name BORN INTO SUFFERING. Taken from the song ‘Reflections’, quite possibly the greatest Hardcore song ever… actually taken from the best Hardcore band EVER! TRIAL is an amazing influence on us both personally; we both agreed that it was a fitting name for our band. Those three words spoke volumes to us.”We are born into suffering” as Trial have explained how those lyrics apply to Humans. We felt a need to apply it more so to animals. What we know and what we feel each day, what we register as Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Loneliness… these common everyday human symptoms of self are what the animals feel tenfold. Their suffering is truly horrendous. Their loved ones die in front of their eyes, they are shocked, stabbed, beaten, bludgeoned, force fed, drowned, electrocuted, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers…ripped apart, the list is immense and we Humans have the audacity to say we know suffering.

What are the names of all the members and what do they play:

Mike – Vocals
Shaun – Drums
Matt – Guitar
Tom – Bass
Will – Guitar

Are all of the band members vegan and/or vegetarian?:

Shaun: Yes, all members of BORN INTO SUFFERING are dedicated Vegans.

With a name like ‘Born Into Suffering’, do all the band members feel the same way?:

Mike: Absolutely, although Trial wrote these lyrics in a different context, the reflection it has on Animal Liberation is very precise, ALL farm bred animals, be it fur, meat, eggs, are definitely Born Into Suffering, they are bred to be killed, and whatever happens in between is an acceptable statistic to the greedy companies that fund them. I don’t think any other name could better describe how this band feels.

Are there any animal liberation or animal rights groups you DO NOT support?:

We are fully aware that certain organizations get a lot of flak for some practices and actions we would NEVER condone the cessation of animal life for any reason, especially when it is ALWAYS avoidable. But they do play an important role in creating awareness for the cause.

Can humans still be compassionate towards animals and still consume them?:

Shaun: No. It’s an oxymoron for someone to say “I love animals” but then eat, drink,
enslave and wear them. That’s not love.

The song ‘Slave Trade’ seems to not only speak of the animals, but how humans still practice slavery without even knowing it, why is this?:

Mike: When I write my songs, I really try to eliminate the idea that humans and animals are different. So when I wrote slave trade, I took a very real situation that most people are familiar with and disgusted by (slavery), and applied that concept to how I view circuses and their continued use of animals for the sake of entertainment. It really frustrates me that the majority of people don’t realize what goes on behind the scenes that it’s not natural for a horse to hop on its back legs.

With a song like ‘Ignorance’, there seems to be a lot of hatred involved. The lyrics “You ignorant fuck, I hope you choke…” feels very real. Why, in your opinion, do humans fail to acknowledge the gruesome and murderous ways of the animal industry?:

Mike: A lot of my hatred and frustration goes into this band, I think it’s pretty apparent in most of my lyrics. In my opinion, humans have become far too comfortable with the notion that we are the supreme beings of this planet, that because we have the ability and the power to enslave the planet, that we are entitled to do so. Speciesism is a key subject when I write my songs, it is the ultimate prejudice, and yet it is overlooked constantly. It’s worse than sexism, more wide-spread then racism, it’s absolutely frightening. Most people are aware of what they contribute to, yet because it does not affect their own lives, they do not care, its absolute selfishness and drives me insane sometimes, as you can probably tell.

Moving along in a somewhat of a different direction…

Are there any albums in the works? Tours? Merch?:

 Unfortunately it is very difficult for bands in Perth to get out of our state. We are pretty much the most isolated major city on earth. It’s around a week’s drive to the next state…so touring is difficult unless we have the money. The other option is to fly over countries and drive the rest. We have just finished recording our part that will go on a three-way split with Down To Concrete (Poland) & MTG (U.S). It is being released on an independent label from Poland named Spook Records. Its scheduled release is April 2009. So we are hoping this helps with coverage and getting us out of Perth.

For all the ladies out there…what do you boys think of girls in the hardcore scene? Do they belong there? What about girls in hardcore bands?:

Shaun: There have always been girls in hardcore and it is hardcore, EVERYBODY belongs. I personally have deep-seated hate for any male that says women have no place in Hardcore…or any genre or

form of expression for that matter. Whilst Punk, Hardcore, Metal, and Hip Hop are primarily male-dominated forms of music…girls are there…always have been and I do not want to seem cliché but “It’s not just boys’ fun.” I heard that song by 7 Seconds when I was younger and it stays with me still.

It’s just so unfortunately rare to see women in bands. There are and have been brilliant all girl/girl fronted bands that did not and do not get the recognition they so justly deserve.

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