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Interview: Josh from Into The Moat

Originally Published: Monday, July 11, 2005
Written by: xx

Being it that I am writing this for, a site dedicated to the girls of hardcore and/or straight edge, my questions will be directed towards that. But of course, we girls would also like to know a bit about yourself as well!

..1. When did you first discover metal and hardcore music?

Metal is something that I’ve been listening to since I was about 14 or 15. My younger brother was always cranking Pantera or Metallica in his room next to mine and it grew on me pretty quick. Until then, I was listening to mostly classic rock and Steely Dan vinyl (still love that band!) on my parent’s turntable. With hardcore, it was Black Flag and early Rollins Band records that introduced me to that style of music. Henry Rollins is a force of nature. His lyrics really grabbed me and the music, with Rollins Band in particular, was very powerful.

..2. How was it that you became the current bass player for Into The Moat?

Actually, I was a huge fan before I was ever offered to chance to play bass in ITM. My best friend Marlon, who loves prog rock and experimental music, saw the band years ago and told me to check them out ASAP. I saw the CD release show for the “Means…” EP and was blown away. Eventually, I met Kit at FAU in the music department during his stint there and when the original bass player left for the Marines, Kit found me and asked if I could be his replacement. It took a while, but I finally said yes and busted my ass until I could play the parts.

..3. Do you find Into The Moat’s crowd to be mainly a hardcore scene, metal scene, or a bit of both?

I think we have a good mix of fans from both the hardcore and metal scenes but when it comes to shows, we see a lot more hardcore fans than metal fans. Although metal is a major influence on our music, I think the hardcore scene has a bit more room for a band like us.

Now onto the ‘girly’ questions:

..4. What do you think of the ever-growing mass of girls in the scene and bands today?

It’s definitely a good thing that girls are becoming a larger part of the hardcore/metal scene. It’s good for the girls who want to make their own kind of hardcore/metal music and it’s awesome for the girls who can’t relate to all of what guys have to say and find they have more in common with a front woman than a front man. This scene is supposed to be founded on musical expression and creativity and the experience we have when bands and their audiences connect during a live show. It would only stifle the richness of a genre to believe that women couldn’t somehow contribute to that foundation.

..5. Do you think girls need or should receive any ‘special’ treatment while attending shows? i.e. in the pit and among-st the crowd?

I feel that everyone, for most shows anyway, has a choice of whether they want to be in the pit or just hang in the crowd. If they choose to be in the pit, they should understand what could potentially happen. With some bands, it’s not really a choice; the music just kind of drags you out there and that can happen for guys and girls alike. If there can be more respect for everyone out there, the guys and the girls, I think that we drop the idea of special treatment for the “weaker sex” and just have a good time.

..6. How often do you see/meet girls in the scene who are there just to be noticed and who don’t actually care about the music?

Honestly, I see girls like that a lot of our shows, but at the same time I see lots of guys like that too. Outside of the people that are there for the music and the experience of a live show, there are always going to be those who only show up because they want to be seen. And this can be said for almost every “scene,” not just hardcore and metal. Even so, hardcore/metal shows are an event; who’s to say that they can’t just come to pack the club and have a good time?

..7. Do you know about If so, have you visited and checked-out the site?

I have to say that I’ve heard of before but haven’t checked out the website until recently. As far as online hardcore/metal communities go, I am definitely a newbie. If I’m online at all, it’s usually boring stuff like reading bass guitar forums, checking my email, or trying to maintain Into the Moat’s myspace account.

..8. Does Into The Moat have an equal amount of female fans as you do male fans?

Unfortunately, they vast majority of people at our shows are guys. I really can’t understand why girls don’t want to come out and see 5 skinny, pale white dudes trying to play music that would make John Cage cringe while they wear their guitars way, way too high, go through time changes like toilet paper and write songs that do everything possible to ensure that their vocalist won’t be able to speak by the time he’s 30. It boggles my mind.

Last question!!

..9. Is there any advice you can offer us girls in the scene today?

If you want to be in a hardcore/metal band, be in a hardcore/metal band. If you want to go to shows and dance, go to shows and dance. Any barriers between girls and what they want to do won’t be broken by those who just talk about they way things should be.

Mother, wife, small business owner.

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