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Interview: Madball

Originally Published: Tuesday, June 28, 2005
Written by: Anna Janelle Stevens

Anna Stevens from Interview with Freddy from Madball :

 Q. First off I would like to thank you for taking the   time to do this, to be frank, this is a great honor.

A. No problem, my pleasure.

Q.  Tell us what’s been going on with you lately, did things with Hazen Street  keep you away from us? 

A. Hazen st. definitely took up some time,bot I always tried to keep Madball active. As much as I could while we where doing that.  Madball is the priority now!

Q. What else is in store for Hazen Street?

A. Not sure at the moment,possibly another record we’ll see.

Q.  Back to Madball, You are by far one of the more   influential hardcore bands  that is still alive and kicking, how do you do  it?
A.  Well thank you for the compliment.  I think we are still able to do our thing because we are passionate about it. And we are not all that old yet…haha I’M only 29?  We can hang with any of these youngins!

Q.  Is the end any where in sight?
A. That is something I can’t predict?  All I can say is we’ve just recorded our best record yet, and we are on a mission to bring Madball/Hardcore to another level this year! 

Q.  You have been putting out records since 1989,  which record most reflects you  as a band and which record was the most enjoyable making and touring on?

A.  I think the most complete Madball is the new record Legacy.  Its the most mature, powerful…MB record and it was the most enjoyable to record.  As far as touring goes D.M.S and Look My way where the coolest tours….so far.

Q. You are used to large shows, but are you ready for  the size and line up of  Sounds of the Underground, the blood and semen of  GWAR!?
A.  I was born ready!  But I’ll skip the blood and semen part…haha

Q.  Who, musically, is your favorite band on the bill,  besides yourselves of  course 🙂

A.  I’m not sure yet? How about if I answer after the tour?  A lot of these bands I’ll be  seeing for the first time.  And, I wouldn’t have included myself..we are not egomaniacs! We will do our thing though.

Q.  What is Madball going to be up to post Sounds of  the Underground?

 A.  A whole lot….be on the look out for a headlining tour in September, along with a few other cool bands!    

Q.  If you can, tell us a little about D.M.S.
A.  Its like an extended Family.

Q. If your bus had a tape deck (work with me) and there was only one mix tape in it for an entire tour, what would this tape  consist of?

A. I won’t specify the songs.  Definitely some oldies,Hardcore,Hip Hop,Reggae,classic rock….basically throw in as much diversity as you can, along with Agnostic Fronts victim in pain.
Q.  Any thoughts on the film masterpiece, Spinal  Tap?

A.  Pretty dam funny!

Q.  Last question, are you still guilty by  association?

A.  No,  I’m Guilty as charged..hahah  Thank you!


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