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Interview: Mitch from x The War x

Originally Published: Wednesday, November 19, 2008
Written by: Jack

So Kelly Sisterhood recently put out the call for new articles and interviews for the site. So when the opportunity to get some words from Mitch, vocalist for Australia’s hardest Straight Edge band, xThe Warx, came up, I took it. Here’s what he had to say.

Can I just grab some basic info about yourself, Mitch? Age, star sign, do you like long walks on the beach?

23, Scorpio, I like walks along the beach if I am watching good barrels or my mates doing eppo airs.

What originally hooked you when it came to

being able to go to a place where I can hang with my friends and listen to good music. The vibe when I first started going to shows was way different than now though. It was all about the music now it’s just about who has the coolest band shirt on and the best haircut.

How long have you been Straight Edge and what first brought you to the conclusion that this was the right thing for you? How did you first hear of Edge?

I have been straight edge for 7 years. I just realized one day that I don’t need drugs. one of the main reasons was my background with my family and mental illness. I didn’t want to turn into a numb person who my mum had to look after for the rest of her life.

Many men used to feel that hardcore is the domain of only men. The “No Clit In The Pit” vibe. That they were better off standing to the side and watching and waiting for their boyfriends to finish. What do you think of this?

I think it should be equal, but in saying that if girls do want to be treated as equal they can’t be getting a nudge or a hit in the middle of the floor and running straight to their boyfriends to start fights. if girls get in the middle of it I am all for it, but like I said if you’re in there everyone is equal so shit shouldn’t start because a girl or a guy got hit by a dude losing his mind to his or her favorite band.

With the newfound popularity of Hardcore amongst the youth, a lot of young girls, complete with shit house haircuts and stupid bags, have decided it’s for them. What’s your opinion on these kids? Do you think many of them are likely to stay? Or is this just another trend, like Barbie dolls and fluro?

who is to say their haircuts and their handbags are shit though? You? or me? not in my eyes. if someone is at a hardcore show for the right reasons they will be there for a long time to come. i am always judging and whatnot but in the end, I can’t see into people’s minds and they may be there for all the right reasons. 99 percent of the time they are there they are just going there to look good which sucks because that’s not what hardcore is about.

Along with the music, Straight Edge has come into a more public view, and into light for a lot of kids. I’ve only been Edge for a few years, but even I have seen a number of girls claiming, only to break before they’re even 18. How do you feel about this?

once again people make their own decisions. me as a guy who sings in a straight-edge band I am trying to give people the backbone to make the right choice for themselves. if they feel straight edge is right for them then sweet. x your hand and be proud. there is no need to just jump into it because you feel you have to. stop drinking and whatnot for a while before you just jump into the conviction of the straight edge. straight edge is forever that must be stressed.

Kids with underage tattoos. Does it piss you off as much as it does me?

I was 17 with a massive xxx forever tattooed on the back of my leg. now working in a tattoo shop it annoys me a lot more if they have shit on their hands, necks, and faces when they have no tattoos. if you have your face tattooed, neck, and hands with no other tattoos, you are an actual retard. hahaha.

I know that x The Warx put on more all-age shows than they do overage. What’s your very general opinion of kids in hardcore and all-age shows? What about those bands that refuse to do shows for kids?

we are a band for hardcore people no matter the age, we just get a lot of bullshit when we play over 18 shows with dudes drinking and trying to start shit with us and our friends because we are edge. the other thing we like about playing all-ages shows is we want to influence kids who are new to hardcore in the right way. a lot of the older bands are all rock stars these days and we want to keep hardcore kids on level ground and give them the right message.

Sellouts. Scum or just misguided and confused?

sellouts are people who have had a change in their lifestyle. a lot of people who do sell out often regret it straight away. me? I couldn’t care less unless people start dragging straight edges conviction through the dirt, if you give up you give up. don’t try and talk shit on edge kids because they are still committed

There have been a lot of bigger international acts hitting Australia these years. How has this affected smaller, local bands? Is it a positive or a negative?Itt affects the way kids in the local hardcore scene act. if some hair metal band comes through then every kid looks like the bands that are playing that night. it’s good in a way if the touring band has a good message and just isn’t here to try and fuck Australian girls.

What about Brisbane’s scene nowadays? For a kid who’s been into it for only a couple of years, am I a part of the best years of hardcore in Brisbane? Or were there years better than now?

The way the Brisbane hardcore scene is now is nothing like the way it used to be, everyone used to know each other and shows were absolute chaos. we used to try and knock Greg out from against every time they played and it was a real true hardcore community. we would all jump on each other and compare our injuries to what had just happened. Now it’s cool mosh moves and sweet dudes staring at each other’s shirts. the best has gone but my band is trying to revise it. if you want a legit hardcore show, go to a show where third-strike is playing in a tight room at the Gold Coast, then it’s a hardcore show.

Now comes the point of the day where I plug x The Warx. To put it quite simply, I find these guys to be exactly what Straight Edge in Australia needs. So long as they’re playing music that I can listen to and enjoy and makes me feel powerful enough to make things in this world a little better, than fuck. I’m going to be buying their CDs. They’re represented by Seventh Dagger internationally and thus can be found on the website. But if you want to get straight onto the band themselves, then their Myspace is Here’s hoping I don’t have to fight off some kid to get to that last shirt though.

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