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Interview: Never Looking Back Northwest Hardcore at its finest

Originally Published: Monday, July 2, 2007
Written by: Kim a Keparutis

Northwest Hardcore is pretty legendary with bands like Champion, Trial, Blue Monday, Stay Gold, Go it Alone and many others. You can add one more band to the list of kick ass NWHC bands and that band is Never Looking Back from Tacoma Washington.

Detonate Records out of Connecticut has released their debut full length called Fragile Hearts this past June. I have seen Never Looking Back many times in the past year and every time I see them the band is tighter and the crowd more into it. A fan of bands such as Verse, Modern Life is War, Champion and Bane will be into this band. Their music projects some intense emotion and more than once did seeing them live practically move me to tears. The lead singer Jeremy is a very passionate individual whose lyrics comfort. The song Eyes Never Lie is about the pain that a woman carries after being raped or sexually assaulted and how it affects her future relationships. More than most hardcore bands, Never Looking Back is a band in touch with the sisterhood. What follows is an interview I did with lead singer Jeremy a few months ago.

Who are the members of the band and what do they do?
I am Jeremy and I do vocals. Kenny and Cory play guitar. Shannon plays bass and Josh plays drums.

How did you get into hardcore?
I grew up listening to bands like Lagwagon, Good Riddance, Pennywise and NOFX. I was never really exposed to much hardcore at all growing up. My friends and I would just listen to Fat Wreckords and Epitaph bands and ride our bikes. My senior year in high school (1999) I borrowed a cd from a friend. The band was Trial. That is the band that got me into hardcore. I like bands like Good Riddance because the music they played was more than music. They had amazing lyrics about real things. Trial was that plus more to me. From there I found more and more hardcore bands and found that there was more and more bands out there writing and singing songs about things I could relate to. That is what attracted me to hardcore. It was a bunch of kids that found a place they can go and be themselves and sing along to songs and be stupid and angry all at the same time. It just made sense to me. So I started going to shows and here I am. Now I am singing in a hardcore band.

What things in your life led to Never Looking Back?
Kenny and I were in a band called Perfect Enemy a few years ago. When that band broke up Kenny and I always talked about starting a melodic hardcore band. We were in other bands between that band and Never Looking Back but still we talked about starting this band. So Kenny just started writing songs and I started writing lyrics. Once we had some songs we found people to play with us. Those songs we wrote were the songs on our demo. That was how Never Looking Back started.

What are some of the bands that had a profound effect on you?
Earlier in my life, Good Riddance was my favorite band. I listened to that band everyday. That was the first band I can remember having a huge effect on my life and how I thought. From there, like I mentioned earlier, Trial. I can’t even begin to explain how that band changed me, the lyrics, the music, everything. It just all made sense to me. That band made me realize that music is more than just words and sounds. I got that a little bit from Good Riddance but not to the level that Trial showed me.

What bands are you currently listening to?
I listen to the new Have Heart a lot. Their CD was easily my favorite to come out last year. I’ve been listening to the new Brand New a lot. An amazing band from Portland called It Prevails just put out their debut full length. I have been listening to that band a lot in the last 6 months. I also listen to a lot of modern life is war.

Where in the world would you most like to play or tour?
I would love to go to the east coast. I have never really been there so that would be cool. But for me, if I could go tour anywhere, I would go to Europe. It would be awesome to see that part of the country and play shows there.

What are your views on straight edge and how you got to be edge?
Straight Edge is a personal choice someone should make for themselves and no one else. I have been sxe pretty much my whole life. I tried drinking and found out really fast that it wasn’t for me. I never had any reason or want to try any drugs. This is just how I have always been.

Is NLB a sxe band?
We are in no way a straight edge band. In fact, I am the only person in this band that is. The reason I got into hardcore was to get away from the labels and stereotypes. I am proud of the choices I have made for myself, but, it is my choice and mine alone. That is the beauty of hardcore to me. A bunch of people who are different outside the walls of a show can come together in one place and enjoy the same thing together. It shouldn’t matter what you think, how you look, or how you dress. This is the one place that should be safe from those things. That is exactly what this band is. In this band we have people who are; straight edge, that drink, that smoke, that believe in god, that don’t believe in god, that are male, that are female, that are different in so many ways. But we have all come together for one thing, this band. Those differences don’t matter to us. What goes on when we play our songs is what matters.

What are your goals for NLB?

To play shows, to meet and make new friends; and to have an outlet for us personally. To give one person the same feeling I have gotten from some of the bands that have influenced me and of course to have fun with our friends. We have no real goal. To be honest, when we started we just wanted to play music we like and share it with our friends. Now it has turned into u putting out our first full length. We just got back from our first tour. Labels are interested in us and people are requesting us on local radio. It is overwhelming at times. We don’t really know how to react to it other than being like giddy little kids. So I can’t really say what a goal is for us because in the first year as a band we have already exceeded what we wanted to get out of it. So what happens from here is being decided as we go.

What are some immediate future plans for NLB?
We want to go out on the road again. Play a bunch of shows and make some more new friends.

Any thing else you would like to add?
Some of our friend’s bands are also in the process of recording and/or putting out a new CD. So please look out for releases from these bands if you get the chance; Open Fire, I Declare War, Left Alive, It Prevails, American Me and a bunch more that are probably slipping my mind. Thanks a lot for doing this interview for us. Thanks to everyone who has come out to see us. It means more than you will ever know. If you got a few free minutes go to; and check out some new songs off of our full length.


I would like to thank Kelly and the sisterhood for letting me write for a site I feel passionate about. Please check out Detonate Records which has also released records from The Homefront, Signs of Hope and others. You can check out my profile Feel free to send me a message or add me as a friend. Please send me your CDs, records, clothes, websites and zines to review. Thanks for reading and for your support of sisterhood.

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