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Interview with Derek Ski of XRepresentX

Originally Published: Monday, December 15 2008
Written by: Kimberlee 

Who makes up XRepresentX, when did you guys get together?
XRepresentX is compromised of Derek Ski on vocals, Bryan Elchynski and Shawn Bedow on Guitars, Tyler Lair on bass and RJ on Drums. This is just one of the many faces XRepresentX has had over the close to 6 years we’ve been a band.”

How would you describe XRepresentX’s music?
“I’d describe it as actual hardcore. We don’t try to jump on any trends, or follow the new hype. We just play hardcore, and try to keep it true to our roots. “

Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself?
“We’re just 5 guys from Erie PA who are straight edge and love it, love hardcore and love traveling/playing.”

Who/what would you say are your music-non-music influences?
“Musically, bands like Buried Alive, XDiscipleX, Ringworm, Earth Crisis have all played their roles. Non-musically, probably Chinese food.”

When/why did you claim edge?
“Personally, I did in 1997. Some friends in 9th grade told me what it was and being against drug use from childhood on, it fit. Which is why i never discredit any young kids around here who say they are straight edge. Just because they are young doesn’t mean they don’t know what they are doing. I know dudes in their 30’s who sell out, and it’s just as disappointing.”

There is a lot of discussion about the straight edge movement being able to exist without the music. Your thoughts?
“In essence no. Take away Minor Threat. Where would straight edge be? Would those dudes have hung out anyways without hardcore/punk? Probably not. And without shows, what would they be rebelling against? That song is partially about how much they hate people who get fucked up at shows. So without them, they wouldn’t have even created the lifestyle. Beyond that, in the 1980’s, how would something like straight edge become spread without inspiration from bands spreading the ideals to everyone who’d listen. Without bands like Youth of Today, Uniform Choice, Project X, Earth Crisis, etc there’d be no straight edge scene, because there’d be nothing to unite them into one place to even find out about straight edge.”

What is your take on women in the hardcore/straight edge community?
“Love it, and embrace it. I know there’s a lot of people out there who think girls can’t be straight edge. That’s never made sense to me. It’s not just girls who sell out. For every girl i know who’s sold out, there’s 50 guys right behind her. And it irritates me that people just wait to pounce on a girl for selling out the whole time she’s straight edge. Which with some girls will be quite a long time. “

I often hear that the scene is going to hell, what do you think about that? Is there anything specific that you think needs improvement?
“I’m sure that they said the same thing about every generation of kids/music. There’s always a new wave of kids and bands. I’m sure the people in the early 90’s might have heard earth crisis and thought “well, hardcore’s fucking dead now”, however it’s still kicking. One reason scenes may not be what they should be is older kids drop out instead of being a role model. Without older people setting examples on how to act at a show or what flys and doesn’t, kids will make it up on their own. Kids also need to know their roots, and not just jam bleeding through. Realize there are hundreds and thousands of hardcore bands they have paved they way for today’s terrors and throwdowns.”

So what’s next for XRepresentX?
“Feb 2009 sets the release of our second album “The New Inquisition” on Seventh Dagger records. Be on the look out!! Plenty of shows too.”

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