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Interview: Miles to Go-German Straightedge

Originally Published: Thursday May 31, 2007
Written by: Kim A Keparutis  

I have always been a huge fan of European punk rock. But with all the good hardcore bands in the United States it did not occur to me that there was also a great hardcore scene in Europe.

Although I had already been into bands such as Reaching Forward and A Step Apart, I didn’t even realize that they were from Europe. With the activation of my myspace account a few years ago, the whole European Hardcore scene presented itself to me. Being of German descent, it is only natural that the first scene in Europe that has curled my toes is the one in Germany.

There are a ton of German straightedge bands that have really impressed me. Most of their music is not released in the United States. This is upsetting and I hope after I write this article that someone out there will check these bands out and realize that they deserve distribution in the United States. Almost all of the good bands from the states are available in Europe and most of them tour there more times than they tour the US.

One band that has really turned me on is a German straightedge band called Miles to Go. This band is part of a great group of German edge bands that play melodic hardcore in the vein of Champion, Youth of Today, The First Step and Chain of Strength. But what set these bands apart from their American influences are the thick accents that they sing in giving the music a new flavour. I really love the positive message of internal struggle that these German bands are giving new life to. I only have one song from Miles to Go in my I pod and it never gets old. That song is called More in Life, is from their first demo, and is available to download on their myspace page. I recently sent the lead singer Marcel a bunch of questions to answer for the Sisterhood community.

KPR- What is the history behind Miles to go, who are the members and what bands have they been in before (if any)?

Marcel-Well, MTG started in August 2006. After about one month of practice we recorded our first demo called „Dead End Road“ and played our first show four month later. The band consists of Simon (bass) who was in nervous breakdown, Marcel (vocals) who was in bands like indication and ToB, Mats (drums) who also was in ToB and me (Sascha/guitar). For me MTG is the first real band, I did play in smaller bands before but nothing serious.

KPR- What inspired you to start a hardcore band?

Marcel– Besides of having the chance to have fun and to play the music we love we see MTG as an opportunity for us to tell people what we think or how we feel about some things.

KPR- What is the hardcore scene like in Germany?

Marcel– The problem about hardcore in Germany is that there is not really “the scene”. In Germany hardcore is split up into many fragments. You’ve got those guy’s that are listening to all this beatdown crap, others that are listening to newschool, metalcore or whatever and those kinda youthcrew kids that are trying to rebuild a scene or at least to maintain what’s left of it.

KPR- Would you like to tour the USA?

Marcel-Damn yeah! Sure we’d like to come over to the states but right now it‘s pretty difficult to put up a tour because we just don’t know enough people over there that could help us putting up shows and helping to organize everything around the tour.
But we’ll see what comes up next maybe we find someone who can help us outKPR- Miles to Go is a Champion song off of the Promises Kept LP, did you get the band name from that song?

Marcel-That’s right. Champion was and still is a great inspiration for all of us. But Miles to Go also was the name of an Outburst EP.

KPR-How long have you been straightedge and what led up to you proclaiming edge?

Marcel- All of us are straight edge for more than a couple of years now. Marcel is the one with the longest addiction (smile) to sxe with over 12 years, the rest of us proclaims edge for about something between three and five years. I think that everyone of us had different reasons for becoming straight edge. If someone is interested in this, feel free to contact us … Just stay away from that shit, it’s just not worth it.

KPR-Is Miles to Go a straight edge band?

Marcel-Yeah, we all are Straight Edge and carry our way of life throughout the band, in our lyrics, lifestyle, whatever…

KPR– What bands from the USA that haven’t toured Europe would you like to see play Germany?

Marcel– Sascha: Drug Test, Daggermouth, Set it Straight

Marcel: Soulcontrol, Set it Straight, Get the Most

Simon: Carry On, Get The Most

Mats: Looking Forward, Kids Like Us

KPR- What are your goals for the band?

Marcel- Playing as many show as possible, meeting new people, seeing new places, having fun, enjoying our youth and maybe get some people to think about certain things.

KPR- What have you released so far and what are you currently working on?

Marcel- So far, we have released two demos. „Dead End Road“ back in 2006 and our new demo „Times Like These“ that was released through breakXout records. Right now, we are writing new songs and planning to do either a split or a 7inch … we’ll see.

KPR-Are there any German or European bands that you would like to tell the readers about?

Check out the following bands: Black Friday 29, Empty Vision, RiotBeatShot, Hoods Up, Against your Society, Goldust, Nothing to Hide, Coax, Not Astray and Breathe’n’Stop!

I would like to thank Marcel from Miles to Go for answering my questions. Some of the German bands that I highly recommend from my travels through myspace are: Hoods Up, Something Inside, Not Now Not Ever, Break Through, Alone, Empty Vision, Make it Count and many more. All of these bands are really good and can be found on myspace. To listen to the songs that Miles to Go has on their bandcamp:

Please someone out there release these bands in the USA and sponsor some German Hardcore tours here in America. Thank you for reading.

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