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Member Spotlight Emily

Written by Valerie_ Reno

This is the third annual installment of xsisterhoodx’s Member Spotlight. Her name is Emily and she’s an aspiring music journalist who loves to write! These member’s may not have time to write for each edition, but they contribute when they can. Enjoy! –Valerie, Reno 

emily “battleaxe” engel.


northampton, massachusetts.

student, aspiring music journalist and part-time pizza slinger.

westfield state college, westfield, massachusetts. i will be graduating with a BA in english and music journalism in may.

what motivates you to write?
i write when i have a story to tell. i want to catch the attention of my readers with interesting facts and quips. i like my readers to relate to my writing, and have it invoke some kind of emotion within them – there’s nothing better than being able to make others feel something with your work. that’s what truly motivates me.

what are your favorite things to write about?
as an aspiring music journalist, i love doing interviews with band members. i think a lot of people forget that their favorite musicians are people too, and they have the same emotions and thoughts that they do. i love to bring that out in my writing. when i can bring a “rock star” back down to earth with a question like “who’s your favorite ninja turtle,” it’s a huge accomplishment – they instantly become an equal because you’re touching on something that everyone can relate to. i also love to write about the touring experience – i’ve been on two tours and both times there were so many events and stories that writing became very easy.

why are you a member and a writer for
i think it’s a wonderful website that allows members of the straightedge and hardcore community to come together and read the stories of others. again, it’s all about being able to relate to one another on an important level.

how long have you been a member of
i’ve been a member of xsisterhoodx for three years officially on november 3rd.

what musical influences do you have?
my musical tastes are all over the map. i grew up on classic 50’s/60’s rock and roll, i.e., buddy holly, dion and the belmonts, the beach boys and chuck berry. i believe that was the most natural, down-to-earth, feel good music ever produced and without it, we would not have the music we do today. my teen years were inundated with ska and punk, especially pennywise, reel big fish, sublime, no doubt and a ton of amazing local bands out of the western massachusetts scene. this transformed into a love for metal and hardcore with a splash of emo/emocore. my playlists consist of a lot of circa survive, glassjaw, mewithoutyou, saves the day, minus the bear and norma jean. i also have a lot of love for fiona apple.

any rad facts about yourself?
i’ve met and interviewed many amazing bands, and i’m grateful for the experience every day. i met chino moreno and the rest of team sleep at a show in hartford, connecticut, as well chris conley of saves the day and got an amazing interview out of it. other than that, my touring experiences have made me appreciate travel and local scenes all over the country. i’m also pretty good at sleeping in tour vans with the clothes i’ve been wearing for a week in a walmart parking lot – underfed, exhausted and filthy. i’m a low-maintainence tough cookie, and despite those factors, i always end up having a blast. oh, and one more thing… i was a finalist for the MTV reality series “i’m with rolling stone.” i wasn’t on the show, but the editors of rolling stone reviewed my work and liked it enough to consider me for the show. unfortunately (or fortunately), i’m not what mtv wanted. sorry, i’m not blonde with chicken legs and no personality. whoops!

are you straightedge?
no, i’m not. however, i have never done any kind of hard drug in my life, and i plan on keeping it that way. i have a lot of respect for those who are edge, though. it takes a lot not to cave in to the peer pressure. you’re better off that way in the end.

are you writing for this up and coming edition of If so, what are you writing?
sadly, no. i am quite busy with school and work, but once i get my notes together on my last touring experience (down the east coast with the breathing process, my hero is me and a girl a gun a ghost in july) i will submit the story. it was quite the experience and i’d like to share it with everyone.

do you have any links to any writings you did on
Breathing-Process.html – this is my most recent work.

what are you plans for the near future?
i am planning on graduating college in may and moving to providence, rhode island in order to further pursue my music journalism career. providence is an up-and-coming city when it comes to entertainment writing, and i can’t wait to live there. i’m also hoping to tag along on another tour sometime in the winter or spring as well.

what do you love or hate about and how did you hear about
there’s nothing really to hate about xsisterhoodx. if you don’t like the site, don’t visit it, it’s pretty simple. i think more people should join, of course, and make it better than ever. the editor of xsisterhoodx got in contact with me via myspace and asked me to write and i quickly became involved.

Mother, wife, small business owner.

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