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Review: OPETH: Ghost Reveries

Originally Posted on October 15, 2005

Released by: Road Runner

Sweden is known for its cold climate, summer sun, and all around: the music. For music
fans, Sweden is known for some amazing metal. Enter a band called Opeth from Stockholm, a now five piece band after recently adding keyboarder Per Wiberg. Opeth is not your ordinary type of metal, they play melodic, fast, deep, heavy, growling vocals and soothing vocals. Let’s just say you either immediately love it, or you don’t. Also, did I mention the shortest song is seven minutes in length? You need at least a good long hour with them in concert. It is well worth your time. 

 Ghost Reveries, Opeth’s eighth album was eagerly awaited by fans alike. The reason is because the band put out two consecutive albums at once, Damnation and Deliverance. Can you guess which album is heavy and which is melodic? The new album is a mix, but still gives you a sense of the Opeth you know and love. I enjoy this album so much that I can almost guarantee you that a non-heavy metal listener will be able to appreciate it.

 As far as my recommendations go, I wouldn’t be writing this review if I didn’t absolutely
love Opeth. Song after song I just sit in awe, wishing I could play the music that Opeth plays. I’m not sure yet as to which song off the album is my favorite, but I’m starting to lean towards: The Grand Conjuration which is ten minutes, twenty one seconds long. The first time I heard the song, it was off the e-card on the Roadrunner Records website before the album came out.

 The song starts out fast and heavy. After about a minute, a soothing voice sings, enter heavy fast vocals, heavy fast beats. What is astonishing about this song is the bass guitar, you can hear clear as day. The three times I have seen Opeth, my eyes always seem to be fixated on the very short, Uruguayan bass player. Also, I myself play bass guitar so I know that has a lot to do with it. You also can’t forget the amazing double bass performed by the Uruguayan drummer whose feet may be the fastest and cleanest I have ever heard in my life. This band just reeks of talent, it’s hard to have tons of respect for the music they play, heavy metal. 

 I’ve got to say that the album itself is a good piece of work. When I purchased the album, I knew I had to give myself at least an hour + to listen to it in it’s full context. Song after song I realized I like the album more and more. The band has grown together and played their hearts out. This recent album is something I look forward to seeing live in concert. Opeth are nothing short of talented, awe-inspiring, and heavy. If you like metal, give this album a chance. You can’t go wrong. Got an hour or two? Pick up some cd’s, listen, sit in awe like me, it’ll be well worth the money and your precious time. 

 Still not convinced? Try picking up their latest live DVD called, Lamentations, Opeth performs the entire cd Damnation and plays a few tracks off Deliverance and Blackwater Park. Live, the band blows you away. Even my father who sat down for a song during the slow, melodic performance of the Damnation cd said, “This sounds really good”, but once the band switched over to the hard hitting Deliverance cd, he left the room. Guess you can’t wow everyone! But I highly recommend checking out the e-card online from the links above, it’s free and you don’t have to worry about purchasing something you hate.

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