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This Is Our President

Originally Published: September 8, 2005
Written by: Vanessa G Rojas

I could care less how un-patriotic this sounds, but it’s a hell of a lot better than Bush.

Once again, our country in need and Bush is showing his true colors. We all know the story. After blowing through Florida, Hurricane Katrina was predicted to hit the Gulf Coast at epic proportions. The cities to be hit were given warnings and an evacuation was set hours before the storm occupied the land. Think those two or three days were the only heads up the Gulf Coast received? Nope. Try four years heads up. The Federal Emergency Management  Agency (FEMA), reported in 2001 that hurricane hitting New Orleans would be one of three disasters the U.S. would face. What did the Bush administration do about this report? They cut 44% of the New Orleans flood control to pay for the war in Iraq. In 2004 he administration put a halt to a study performed but the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, to determine how to protect New Orleans from a hurricane.

Now we know our president has a bit of retardation when our country has a crisis (ever see the video where he hears the news of 9/11? He doesn’t move for about an hour), but five days? Before the storm hit, Bush only gave warnings here or there, but obviously the storm wasn’t high on his agenda. On the day of the storm, Bush was giving a speech in Colorado. Here he compared the war of Iraq to WWII and himself to FDR. Very re-assuring Mr.President. The day after, he met with business leaders in San Diego, who just happened to be a major segment in his support.

So why exactly was there such a delay in helping our country when we needed him, and simply pushing the catastrophe to the side? My money (very little because I’m saving for a future that will include no Social Security- he’s raping us!) is on social standards. New Orleans isn’t known for it’s Mercedes Benz or million-dollar suits. In fact, it’s heavily populated by poor blacks. I’ve never been one to say “it’s because I’m black,” but seriously. If the hurricane has hit upper east Manhattan or an area of large Bush supporters, the administration would be all over it.

Bush is definitely looking bad when Fidel Castro and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez are offering doctors, medical supplies, and any support the U.S. people need. Two days after the ordeal, Bush returned from vacationing in Texas and flew over New Orleans to see the damage. Wow, thank a lot. (Note the sarcasm). I see more support in the school I’m attending. Our dean at Florida International University has invited several students, including newlyweds to stay at our school, provide schooling, and work, all out of the kindness of his heart.

People obviously our President could care less about the rising death toll and poor minorities, so let’s show him we can do it without him. Donate anything: a dollar, canned goods, clothing. Hopefully, we all survive the next three years and a new candidate will be our miracle, saving us from the disaster Bush created.

For more information about the events of Hurricane Katrina, check out this timeline. Trust me, you’ll be pissed too.

Jumping to Conclusions
Written by the jabby on 2005-09-30 13:56:34I took Governemnt in school, I understand Bush needs to go through two other branches..most presidents are just talking dolls. What makes me upset is how he showed his concern for all of this. More than that, but how the government showed concern for this. Alot of people were at fault for the response to this disaster. It’s our presidents job though to know what’s going on in the country and to let us know he’s concerned also, and is doing all he can to help the recovery.  
I simply reported information from different resources, and brought up an issue that I felt should be touched upon. Do you think I made this shit up?  
All of my information is fact. Maybe you shouldn’t jump to conclusions about what I know and don’t know. 
No, I’m not horribly into politics but before I write an article I do enough research to get my point across.  
But thats your opinion, I’m glad someone challenged my point of view though. There’s always two sides to the coin.
Written by forxmyxenemies on 2005-09-18 03:12:21Ok.. I’m not a Bush supporter just to get that across first… but if you’d understand, the president of the united states is a FIGUREHEAD… which means that he has no legitimate power. and the whole Katrina thing, it isn’t his responsibility, ever listened to the news about the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)? They are the ones who take care of situations like these.. The Acting Under Secretary, R. David Paulison, on live televion, lied about the agency “not knowing about the disater until a week later”. Do you know what the news reporter said to him afterwords? “Your job is to watch the news, keep your meteorologists up to speed on the current weather conditions, and warn us before hand of these disasters.” sure bush can give “warnings” but these “warnings” are meaningless. in order for him to even TRY to get something moving on a situation like this, he has to go through 2 OTHER BRANCHES. Its the system of Checks and Balances, one branch cannot pass or act upon a bill or anything before a 2/3 vote is finalized. which means, if Bush wanted to send additional support, he’d have to write a letter, proposing the consent of his motions, and wait for congress and the supreme court to make their decisions. Bush Is powerless, yeah, ok he makes us look bad, i agree with you on that, he does look like a monkey, but lets leave these childish insults with little insight to Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien.  
The whole warning thing about 9/11… recall back to February 26, 1993…the towers were BOMBED in that year… think of who the president was back then? can you tell me? Bill Clinton. Just as the current president has made mistakes, so have others. yeah FDR made a proposal on the bombings of Pearl Harbor, and so did Bush of 9/11… honestly, think about the general public… this is the shit they want to hear so this is the government is going to give them. they want everything to stay in order in a midst of a chaotic event so total anarchy is prevented. Would you want your children to hear the fact that they’re going to die? no, parents don’t want to hear that shit for their children and for themselves as well. And the whole “meeting with his business leaders in San Diego” of course they’re going to have his fucking support because they have the same interests in the fucking country. Because they are worried about themselves as well as others. And who else is he going to have for him? someone who could give less of a shit? NO he’s not, just as any other president would.  
The Social Security issue, people 40 years ago said it was going to become null and void around this time… hasn’t yet, and it never will. YOU pay for it, its stored in YOUR social security account. yes the government has access to it, but they won’t touch it, they’d be to scared to have a lawsuit setteled against it. 
so to make my point here, look more into whats going on, get into your politics, besides this shit is stupid. i just hate it when people blantly throw shit on the lap of someone else, if you don’t like what’s going on do something about it, but don’t make yourself look like an idiot without having your standard government knowledge… back your shit up, or don’t say anything at all  null
history repeats itself
Written by Thisisnotatrend on 2005-09-11 21:20:13Wow that is so messed up…shit like this has been going on in our country for as long as its ever been around tho.. for example, the president got many warnings before the bombing of pearl harbor, bush got warnings of a terrorist attack on 9/11 (RIP 9/11 deaths btw) and now its happened again…the truth is when your in the white house you and your family is all set so who cares about the rest of the country!? 
Written by MusikL13 on 2005-09-11 20:16:27This president has has done and is doing so many fucked up things that most people will never know about its incredible. He’s clandestine, selfish and a horrible human being in my opinion. Also, in regards to it sounding un-patriotic, there is an excellent quote which says “A patriot must be ready to defend his country against his government.”
Written by amaranth628 on 2005-09-10 15:47:40it’s things like this which make me proud to wear my “not my president” tshirt. 
i’m glad someone’s informed about what’s happened, instead of just being like “anarchy! bush sucks! down with the government!” 
 i totally agree to everything you have to say
Written by Guest on 2005-09-10 14:53:16george bush resembles a monkey
Written by Guest on 2005-09-10 14:52:54
Written by Guest on 2005-09-10 09:02:13nullseriously i think this president is the worst EVER!! he has like mental problems, he’s really slow up in the head.Now that i know there was a 4 year warning, it makes me even more mad.FUCK BUSH AND HIS BUSH
Written by tex terror on 2005-09-09 00:08:04Just thinking of it pisses me off. I can’t beileve it. Also, no offense to anyone, but I am tired of hearing “Oh its sad what happened but gas prices are so high!! I dont have a social life anymore because of it” Like seriously, fuck you. I’m so disppointed in my government its not even funny.
Mother, wife, small business owner.

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