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What kind of show is it?

Everyone who regularly goes to see live bands is familiar with waiting in line. That buzz of anticipation that comes from getting there too early because you were nervous about parking but it’s cool c...

Courtesy of Lindsey McGuire | Lindsey Lu Photography

Good Riddance to destructive habits: The sobriety journey of punk provocateur Russ Rankin

By Steve Wildsmith | May 18, 2020 It’s not surprising that Russ Rankin got clean and sober — after all, a lot of his peers found that doing so was a lot more preferable than the alternative,...

Turning Straightedge – A Personal Choice

This year, I turn 38, making it 20 years since I chose to be drug & alcohol-free.

woman laying down- not feeling it

Is This Really Me? – Understanding Your Own Mental Health

I have always been a massive advocate for saying what you think or feel. The problem is I will give everyone the advice but never take it myself. For the last two years I have been an emergency call ...

PMA during a crisis – how to stay posi & not lose your mind

Trigger Warning: This article mentions grief and loss. We’re all locked in, we’re all at home. How are you dealing with it? Some of us are becoming incredibly productive, some are discovering skills h...

She's a Punk

She’s a Punk- The Straight Edge Episode

Have you checked out She’s a Punk? She’s a Punk, hosted by Siobhan Woodrow and her mission is to tell the stories of radical women who are guided by a punk rock ethos. Take a listen to The...

too much drinking

How I Found Activism Through Claiming Edge

My sobriety has been like getting to know a friend of a friend.