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The Straight Edge Interview Project

Straight Edge Interview Project: TJ, 24, She/They, Madrid, Spain

Welcome to the Straight Edge Interview Project, an inspiring and empowering collection of interviews featuring women from diverse corners of the world who identify as straight edge.

Dive into the thoughts, experiences, and perspectives of these incredible individuals as they share their unique journeys and insights into straight edge. From personal stories of self-discovery to the reasons behind their commitment to a drug-free and positive existence, these interviews shed light on the strength and unity within the straight edge community.

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vanesa mitova straight edge interview project

Straight Edge Interview Project: Vanesa Valentinova Mitova, 25, London UK, She/Her

Meet Vanesa Valentinova Mitova, a 25-year-old film graduate from UAL, who has embraced the straight edge lifestyle. In this interview, learn about her journey from a challenging childhood influenced by the hardcore scene to a promising career in film. Discover how her commitment to a substance-free life intertwines with her passions and shapes her professional aspirations in the film industry
Jess/39/Los Angeles/she/her- Straight Edge Interview Project

Straight Edge Interview Project: Jess/39/Los Angeles/She/Her

In our newest installment of The Straight Edge Interview Project, we've connected with Jess. An artist with a love for music and a passion for mid-century style, Jess made the move from the East Coast to LA. She shares her experiences as a woman in a scene that's traditionally been male-dominated.
Straight Edge Interview Project: Sabrina I 33 I Lille, France- Straight Edge Interview Project- straight edge woman

Straight Edge Interview Project: Sabrina I 33 I Lille, France

Explore the inspiring journey of Sabrina, a dedicated nurse and straight edge enthusiast from Lille, France.
A black and white photo of a straight edge woman looking into the camera

Straight Edge Interview Project: Erika,36, her/she, Luleå, North Sweden

Tell us about yourself!I work as an After-school teacher, love to go to the gym, be in nature, follow my favorite hockey team Luleåhockey, listen to music, go to listen to live music, and see old movies. What are you listening to these days?  Lots of Swedish heavy metal like In Flames, Meshuggah, At the […]

Straight Edge Interview Project: Danielle, 32, Twin Cities, she/her

Tell us about yourself! Hobbies, jobs, passion projects, interests?I work on the ramp for a major airline, which is perfect because my biggest passion is travel. I’m slowly making my way around the world but some highlights have been Machu Picchu in Peru, The Colosseum in Rome, and The Matterhorn in Switzerland. I also like […]

Straight Edge Interview Project: Melina, 23, Pittsburgh PA, she/her

Tell us about yourself!One of the biggest things going on passion wise is my band Princess that I do vocals in. We’ve been a band for only 6 months now and it really has been one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done. Other than my music, I love going to shows, doing makeup, […]


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Explore the challenges and discrimination faced by women in the hardcore music scene. This personal account sheds light on the struggle for respect and equality, confronting sexist attitudes and the misinterpretation of the straight edge lifestyle. It's a candid look at the need for acceptance and u
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