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no idols low

Review: NO IDOLS, “Low (Swing the Pyramid Hands​)​

Originally Posted on xsisterhoodx.com on Saturday, February 11, 2016 Released by: Hex Records No Idols “Low” is a short politically laced album. Spanning but 23 minutes, it is an abrasive mixture of d...

Fall River

Review: Fall River, Lights Out

Originally Posted on xsisterhoodx.com Saturday February 11, 2006 Released by: Thorp Records Fall River’s latest release, “Lights Out, lies some where between math-rock and metal core. Disjointed jagge...

Engineer - Reproach

Review: Engineer, Reproach

Hot off the heels of their split with Achilles, Engineer bursts back into the scene with what can best be described as an audible assault. “Reproach” features nine tracks

Endless Fight: Back to the Front

Review: Endless Fight, Back to the Front

Originally posted on xsisterhoodx.com on Saturday February 6, 2006 Released by: Spook City Records Endless Fight have seen their fair share of line-up changes, but it hasn’t slowed them down at all. T...

drama- Hardcore Spain

Review: Drama DEMO

Drama is a female fronted hardcore/punk outfit out of Barcelona Spain. Fast paced, no holds barred punk rhythms clash with hardcore breakdowns

Set to Explode

Review: Set To Explode

Set to Explode is a band destined to succeed. Featuring an all-star lineup that includes ex-members of Worn Thin, Aftermath, 86 Mentality, The Goons, and ex-vocalist of Striking Distance, Dave Byrd, t...

86 Mentality

Review: 86 Mentality Goin Nowhere Fast

Straight out of DC, 86 Mentality are throwbacks to a time when hardcore was about being hard and fast. Low-end eighties-sounding production is just the icing on the cake. ‘Goin Nowhere Fast” features ...

Sworn Vengeance

Show Review: Sworn Vengeance

Five years ago, Sworn Vengeance played their last show and many kids were bummed. But on Friday, October 26th, 2007, Sworn Vengeance re-united for one show, and one show only. Reno, NV is notorious fo...


Review: Verse Aggression

Verse, one of the truest and longest-running hardcore bands,  has defied all logic of today's hardcore scene with the release of their third album, “Aggression”. The album is lyrically confrontational...