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Straight Edge Intensity: No Cure’s ‘The Commitment to Permanence’

Diving into No Cure’s latest EP, “The Commitment to Permanence,” feels like a jolt of straight edge fury mixed with heavy death metal and hardcore riffs. This Alabama band doesn’t shy away from making you uncomfortable, challenging societal norms with a blend of aggressive music and confrontational lyricism.

Their new record surpasses their previous work, packing a punch with tracks like “Slumped in the House of God.” Guitarist Aesop’s heavy tuning and vocalist Blaythe’s raw, unapologetic lyrics scream rebellion against societal vices and hypocrisy. The EP features notable tracks like “Parasite (Two Shots)” and the brutally honest “No Cure Straight Edge Die Slow Fuck You,” each living up to their intense titles.

Blaythe’s lyrics hit hard, especially in discussions of drunk driving and its dangers, reflecting personal experiences and unfiltered anger. This isn’t music for those seeking gentle expressions; it’s direct, bold, and unafraid of controversy.

Concluding with a cover of Strife’s “Force of Change,” No Cure pays homage to the ’90s straight edge scene while pushing their sound into darker, more aggressive territories. “The Commitment to Permanence” is a testament to their growing brutality and a must-listen for anyone seeking hardcore music with a strong, unwavering message.

Mother, wife, small business owner.

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