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Kyle Elysse: How to be Positively Badass

Discovering Kyle Elysse: A Unique Blend of Confidence and Creativity

What do Johnny Cupcakes, The Acacia Strain, and a French tip manicure have in common? More specifically: Who? With three guesses and a few clicks of the mouse on social media, you may discover the stunning and magnificent Kyle Elysse. Not only does she ooze confidence, inner beauty, and creativity, but she epitomizes positivity and girl power like a modern-day Rosie the Riveter. This week, she taught me a crucial skill which I, in turn, wish to gift to all of you. 

The Embodiment of Positivity and Girl Power

First, let’s get to know your newest girl crush. She’s Kyle, pronounced like the traditional boy’s name, which only adds to her unique factor. She told me that her parents knew she would be witty, and so, they gave her a name that would invite regular questioning. To curb confusion, she added in her middle name to give people pause when determining her sex: Kyle Elysse.

From Small-Town Roots to Big-Time Dreams

She proudly told me of her Western Massachusetts origin in a little town called Monson, where their biggest claim to fame is that they have no stoplights, not even a flashing caution light. She is a driven, goal-oriented lady with an inspirational bucket list. Last year’s venture was to buy a motorcycle and she did it like an absolute hero. She bought one, took a 100-mile ride, and then sold it. One huge, badass checkmark: task completed, on to the next.

Career and Passion: A Path to Success

When she isn’t out dancing with her sister and friends, traveling with her boyfriend (the legendary Vincent Bennett of The Acacia Strain), hunting for vintage treasures, volunteering in times of need, bonding with her nieces and pup (Ellie), or taking in the masterpiece that is Harry Potter, she’s the Director of Sales and Pop-Up Shops for Johnny Cupcakes. The abridged tale of how she snagged such a position at the world’s first t-shirt bakery is incredibly motivating. When she decided her boring desk job wasn’t cutting it, she didn’t wait around for an opportunity to find her. She reached out to a few companies, including Johnny Earle aka Johnny Cupcakes himself, and told them they needed to hire her. Upon telling him she had received an alternate job offer, Johnny hired her on the spot and the rest is history. Do I really need to try to sell Kyle Elysse as your new role model anymore? She sells herself.

The Power of Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)

So, here it is. The key skill she taught me and the reason she is such a champ is one and the same: Positive Mental Attitude, or PMA. My main reason for interviewing Kyle Elysse was to bring PMA to the forefront. If the Straight Edge community is one that operates by being armed with a mind, then it logically follows that the health of our minds and mental well-being is of the utmost importance. I think PMA is a vital addition to any Edge repertoire, and it takes so little to implement.

Implementing PMA in Your Life

In Kyle’s words, PMA is simply shifting your brain to take anything that may seem negative and flipping it upside down. Using PMA, one can remain optimistic in the face of adversity. Over time, this optimistic perseverance will attract positive changes in various aspects of one’s life. Picture this: one day you realize you’re sick and tired of giving in to negativity and feeling defeated and hopeless, so you decide to actively and intentionally be positive and find an outcome that is more advantageous amidst the seemingly impossible or complicated. Suddenly, you have greater joy in all that you do and this ability to exert control over your motivation, behavior, and social environment levels up your optimism and hope stats. Congrats, you’ve adopted the philosophy and benefits of PMA and you’re in for one awesome ride. You now have internal control on your external factors and influences. The impact of such an apparently simple decision improves emotional intelligence and one’s personal and professional life drastically. Kyle Elysse told me it’s as simple as laughing at a less than desirable scenario instead of being defeated. She cautioned me that it won’t make you immune to all of the troubles and challenges that life can bring, but it will provide a means to flip the script.

Approach to Overcoming Challenges

I love how Kyle Elysse uses PMA: she thinks of every terrible, negative thing that has happened in her life as being like a Rolodex spinning in her head. When she comes across an obstacle, she picks a card out of her Rolodex that references a situation that is harder than the current one. Then, she tells herself that if she got through that, she can take on the challenge ahead of her. Every experience in life turns into a comparison tool used for positive motivation.

Encouraging Mental Health and Positivity

I’m a huge advocate for mental health and the power of just simply training yourself to be positive is amazing; it’s such a small, simple action that evokes a huge result. Every Xer should be aware of PMA and seriously consider incorporating it into their everyday lives.

Embrace Happiness Like Kyle Elysse 

It was a pleasure learning from Kyle Elysse, and I urge everyone to be like her and ‘do more of what makes you happy’. If you’d like to get to know my new bud, Kyle Elysse or Johnny Cupcakes a little better:

“Peeps should follow me on IG @kyle.elysse for funny stories of my dog or me being pissed after a workout or me doing something ridiculous! If you want to join my team of badass Cake Dealers, men and women welcome, around the country we are hiring – to find out more!”

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