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Madrid’s Hardcore Scene: A Beacon of Positive Change

Hello! I’m Kiwi (@kiwipunx) and I’m here to tell you about some of the cool things we have going on in Madrid’s hardcore scene.

Hardcore Before Christmas: A Benefit Show

Last December 3rd, we organized Hardcore Before Christmas: a benefit show where all the money and toys we collected went towards giving immigrant kids in need a better Christmas.

The Crew Behind the Scene: Asilo Records

First of all, let me tell you about the work crew that made this possible. We are Asilo Records, a DIY record label made by punk immigrants who are here to make a positive change and bring immigrants like us and Latino hardcore to the front. All with the power of our punk ethics, friendship, and salsa tunes.

A Night Beyond Expectations

We expected the show to go well, but the night really exceeded our expectations. We had a sold-out show at Barracudas Rock Bar (the venue was PACKED!) and lots of people brought toys for the kids. Even people who couldn’t attend hit us up to pay for a ticket anyway. Nothing says Christmas miracle like a whole scene coming together despite their differences to have a good time and contribute to a good cause. That’s what hardcore is about: not just music and ego trips, but making a positive impact in the world. In Asilo Records, we believe in using hardcore as a tool of change.

Unforgettable Performances by Four Bands

But we don’t only have positive things to say about the crowd because the four bands in the line-up made sure to end the year with a bang with their killer sets.

The bands who joined forces for this event were:

Visado (@visado1492):
third-world working-class punk filled with catchy choruses to make the crowd go wild.

Spit Out (@spitoutcorp)

is a hardcore metal that shakes the venue with its filthy riffs.

Desorden (@desordenhc)
energetic straight edge hardcore with a clear message of anti-fascism, feminism, and mental health awareness. 

First Line (@firstlinehc)

Furious Colombian immigrant hardcore punk to remind you that Latinos are here to do it faster and better.

Could you think of a better way to end 2023? We don’t think so.

Thanks for reading! Support the bands and keep your eyes peeled for more of Asilo Records (@asilorecords) and Madrid’s hardcore scene in the future.

Somos asilo en el exilio. Hardcore como herramienta de cambio.

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