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Anti-Matter Zine: In Conversation: Civ of Gorilla Biscuits

Civ, the iconic frontman of Gorilla Biscuits, has been a pillar in the hardcore scene for over three decades. His recent memoir, “A Roadie’s Tale,” offers a new dimension to his legacy – that of a storyteller. In a candid interview with Norman Brannon of Anti-Matter Zine, Civ opens up about his life, music, and the lessons learned along the way.

In this interview, Civ reflects on his personal growth and the scene’s evolution. Highlighting his journey from a performer to an advocate for social issues, and underlining the importance of staying true to yourself.

His insights bridge the gap between generations in the hardcore community, emphasizing the need for dialogue and unity.

For a deeper look into Civ’s life and thoughts on the hardcore scene, Read the full interview here: In Conversation: Civ of Gorilla Biscuits

Mother, wife, small business owner.

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