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T&F Podcast With Keli Lalita (108, PROJECT KATE, MANTRALOGY RECORDS)

The T&F Podcast recently showcased an episode with Keli Lalita, otherwise known as Kate 108. Who, we also featured as part of our Straight Edge Interview Project. This episode provides a look into her life, where she has merged her passion for hardcore music (108, Project Kate, Mantralogy Records) with her spiritual journey in Krishna Consciousness and the experiences of motherhood.

During the interview, Keli discusses her involvement in both the Krishna Consciousness and being a woman not only in the hardcore scene but also in a touring band. She sheds light on the gender dynamics within these communities, highlighting both the contrasts and similarities they share. Keli’s experiences underscore the distinct challenges, and hypocrisy women encounter, particularly at the crossroads of culture, spirituality, and gender roles. Give it a watch (or listen) below:

Mother, wife, small business owner.

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