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Women in Hardcore: Addressing Gender Equality in Hardcore Music

Originally Published: Wednesday February 6, 2008
Written by: Kelly Brother

Hardcore bands often preach about equality among different social classes and issues but neglect the fact that women are a minority in the scene. Concerns like the mistreatment of animals are often addressed while women’s equality is ignored possibly for fear of sounding effeminate.

The Need for Women’s Equality in Social Issues

Fighting for the rights of those who are exploited and mistreated should be encouraged, but shouldn’t women’s equality be added to the list of social issues? Women are perceived as being immoral, promiscuous, and even subordinate in the hardcore scene.

Challenging the Misconceptions About Women in Hardcore

This prejudgment derives from a majority of younger girls who unfortunately think of hardcore as a dating service and give women a bad reputation. Regardless of a woman’s knowledge or love of hardcore, being taken seriously is nearly impossible.

The Emotional Exclusion of Women in Hardcore

Given that hardcore is an angry, boisterous, intense, and sometimes violent type of music, women are left out assuming they do not experience these emotions.

The Double Standard of Gender in Hardcore

The double standard of gender is so apparent in the hardcore scene. A woman is judged twice as hard as a male by her peers for attending a show. They are written off as being either the girlfriend of a band member or a girl looking for a “hot guy with cool tattoos.”

Overcoming Harassment and Objectification at Shows

It is difficult for a female to enjoy a show without getting harassed or approached by someone with purely sexual intentions. Not only is this irritating, but it can be frustrating to want to be accepted by peers as a human being and not as a sex object.

The Hypocrisy of Minority Rights and Women’s Disrespect

The hypocrisy of standing up for minority rights while disrespecting women is obscene.

Empowering Women in the Hardcore Scene

But enough complaining about it. If you are a female, love hardcore, and want to be taken seriously, put an end to this stereotype. Women will never be recognized as equals if they do not regress the existing stereotypes.

Encouraging Self-Respect and Contribution

Assert some self-respect and contribute to your scene. Realize that women are just as capable as men in hardcore and are not there to provide potential dates.

Respecting Women’s Passion for Hardcore

If you are passionate about hardcore and want to be respected, respect yourself. Overcome the harsh over generalizations and leave your mark. Make it known that women in hardcore are not a joke and are just as important to the scene as men.

Mother, wife, small business owner.

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