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Women in the Music Business: Breaking Gender Barriers in the Music Industry By Challenging Double Standards

Written by Kaitlin Teeter

Challenging Stereotypes in the Music Industry

I have been working in the industry for a few years now and I have gone through my fair share of discrimination. People just don’t seem to get that a girl can be at a show for other reasons then to blow the lead singer and get fucked by band members for a pass to the show. Some of us are there to work and do a hell of a lot more work then half the guys sitting around getting piss drunk at 3 in the afternoon.

Gender Disparities in Workload and Pay

I have to do twice as much work with less than half the payoff and thanks that a male gets. I am 17 and have managed 2 bands, currently managing one of those and soon taking on another one to do a summer tour. When I email clubs they ask me to tell my boss to email them instead of getting an assistant to do it for them. It is so old-fashioned to think that a female is not allowed to be in the position of authority, especially in the industry. Even helping bands load in, I will go to pick up an amp and some guy will come along and be like “oh don’t try to lift that honey, it’s too big for you.” And then call one of his bandmates over to help him carry it. I can bench 180lbs; which is more than half of the little scenesters even weigh. And if I do carry something, they don’t even say thanks.

Challenges in Managing Bands as a Woman

I also have had problems with the band I currently manage. When I started managing them, they seemed to think that I was not in charge of them on tour but a mom away from home and a sex doll. I am neither of these and made that VERY clear as soon as I saw that happening. I have strict rules and morals that keep me grounded and away from stereotypes.

  • Never sleep with anyone one in or working with the band
  • Never sleep with someone in a higher position in a company or in the company at all
  • No sex in or around a club
  • Keep your personal life personal!!!
  • Bottom line, don’t date or sleep with anyone you work with or could work with in the future

The Double Standards in the Industry

Guys in the industry don’t have to follow any of these rules; there is a double standard for them. If they sleep with a record executive and suddenly they get a record deal, no one thinks anything of it. But the girl is looked at as a slut that had to sleep with the band to get them to sign with the label.

I am so sick of people thinking that I am incapable and unqualified as a female in the industry. I know I am a great manager and tour manager and take my job very seriously. I don’t freak out very often, and if I do it’s because someone has offended me by trying to get me to drink, do drugs, whatever even though I’m edge and have made that clear or sleep with me on tour or just pissed me right the f*** off that day. I don’t cry when shows don’t go well or an interviewer took the band’s words out of context and made them look like assholes. I have seen guys cry over it, and no one thinks anything of it. I deserve the same amount of respect as anyone else, and if it is given to the guy doing the same job as me, then why should I have to work twice as hard to get the least bit of respect and recognition?

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