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MADS straight edge uk

Straight Edge Interview Project- Mads- 35, Hertfordshire, UK

'm a drug, alcohol, and offending support worker. I live with my husband of ten years, Luke, who is also Straight Edge. I enjoy traveling to see my other partners, anything Star Wars related, horror f...

The Hard Times Podcast w/ Madison Watkins (Year of the Knife)

Madison Watkins of Year Of The Knife joins Matt and Bill to talk dudes fucking dolphins, walking your pet alligator and doing flash mobs during lunch. Plus Madison’s company Candy Corpse!

Mel Buttigeig

Straight Edge Interview Project- Mel Buttigieg- 38, Melbourne Australia

Tell us about you? What do you do for a living? Do you have any pets, hobbies, pet projects? I’m a former journalist, now communications manager for a start-up. I make zines and run the Zine Gan...

Good Clean Fun: The Movie

In 2008, instead of recording a new album like a normal vegan straightedge hardcore band, Good Clean Fun made a feature film. This is the story of how The Goodcleanfuns became the most popular band in...

Straight Edge Interview Project- Elisa Gonzales -38, Southern California

My definition of straight edge is someone who loves punk but doesn't love the self-destructive activities that usually go along with the punk scene. Being straight edge means a life commitment to be f...

Straight Edge Interview Project- Josefine- 34 Nothern Germany

Straight edge is a culture that originated from a music subgenre and contains special features of socio-cultural attitude and behavior. The main pillars are no alcohol, no drugs, no smoke. These are m...

sXe – A short documentary about Salt Lake City Straight Edge (1999)

A documentary short by Alex Beckstead. "sXe" screened at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival. 1998 Utah Short Film and Video Festival. This 18 minute short portrays a brief insight to the vegan straight e...

ABC News 20/20 Straight Edge 1996

ABC News 20/20 Straight Edge 1996 "You can be cool and not do drugs too, ya know?"