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Breaking Down Barriers in the Hardcore Scene: A Call for Unity and Open-Mindedness

Written By: NickyPosi

Confronting Cliques and Prejudice: A Critical Look at Hardcore Scene Dynamics

Most of us are guilty of it. Separating ourselves at shows, making cliques and discriminating against people we don’t even know. Its all too High School Politics. I see a lot of this where I live and I’m sick of it. I mean I don’t exactly stick out my hand for everyone to shake, but handshakes work both ways..

The Unseen Divide: Navigating Tensions and Judgments at Shows

I see the dirty looks. The “elevator eyes”. Hurting people in the pit on purpose. It’s really immature. Why is this going on so much? If hardcore is supposed to be about a brotherhood/sisterhood, then why are we so prejudice against people who have the same interests as ourselves and are here for the same reasons?

Challenging Our Perceptions: Why Hardcore Should Be More Inclusive

Just because a person doesn’t dress up to your standards doesn’t make you any better than they are.

And it may not even be something that’s said or done, but its just “in the air”. For example, you’re at a local show, in a room with a lot of people you don’t like —or people who you think you wouldn’t like..and you can cut the tension in the air with a knife. But you’re all there for the same reason, the music. Which is my point exactly. If everything is all about the music, then why is there so much tension between people from a different town or people who don’t dress alike? There shouldn’t be.

Rethinking Interaction: The Importance of Openness in the Hardcore Community

Sure, some people are just shy, and others aren’t at shows to exactly make best friends (I for one am shy and I’m not at a show to make friends). But some take things way too far. If someone smiles at you, tries to talk to you or is just dancing next to you, would you shoot them down just because you think you wouldn’t like them? Well, a lot of people do. I think some people who are into the hardcore scene (and scenes related) should be a little more open-minded. We seem to be getting too picky of who we want to be seen with, which is quite ridiculous. It makes me wonder where the “movement” is headed. And I believe that hardcore and straight edge should be about “family”. Most of us in the scene has gone through a lot which is why we’re there making the music we make and listen to.

Back to Our Roots: Re-embracing the True Spirit of Hardcore and Straight Edge

We need to forget about the fashions and trends and get back to our roots. I’ve heard many people say the same. I’m not saying “let’s all get along”, but at least get our minds on the right things again.

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