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Exploring Personal Choices: The Intersection of Straightedge and Individuality

Originally Published: Tuesday, August 24, 2004
Written by: Tom Oakes 

It’s not about being straightedge, it’s about being true to yourself. I have never been straightedge, but when I see what drinking and drugs can do to people, I can understand why somebody would choose to be so. I respect that position. I hope though that even straightedge people will at least try something before deciding it’s not for them. Otherwise, they are simply living a life of ignorance. Maybe the reason I think this way has something to do with the way I was brought up.

Respecting Straightedge: A Personal Perspective on Choice and Experience

My mom would always laugh when she heard someone say, for example, “I don’t eat brussel sprouts.” The first thing she’d ask is, “Have you ever tried them?” I can’t believe the number of people who would answer no to this question. I feel the same about the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

Beyond Labels: A Reflective Journey into Straightedge and Self-Discovery

I was a vegetarian for seven years when my first son was born. I didn’t want him growing without having tried everything at least once, so I started eating meat again. Later he could make his own choices. Well, it’s later now and he still eats meat. But that’s his choice. I’m basically a vegetarian again. For the past three years, since I’ve once again been living on my own, my apartment has been meat-free.

Choosing Straightedge: Understanding and Respecting Individual Decisions

It’s a choice I’ve made for myself, like not having a TV. Most people would find it strange that I still eat meat occasionally when I go out. I don’t concern myself with their opinion, except to explain where I’m coming from.

Living Authentically: One Writer’s Take on Straightedge and Life Choices

I don’t have an issue with eating the flesh of an animal. What concerns me is the waste that it represents. It takes ten times as much growing capacity to feed a cow that then feeds a person as it does for that person to eat the grains directly. We could end world hunger if we all stopped eating meat today.

The Straightedge Choice: A Deep Dive into Personal Convictions and Experiences

Well, maybe we could. Sometimes I think the reason people go hungry in the 21st century has more to do with corporate greed than anything else. Anyhow, I just wanted to say to the straightedge people, if you’ve tried it and decided it wasn’t for you, then more power to you.

From Vegetarianism to Straightedge: A Personal Account of Making Informed Choices

I have a lot of respect for those who walk their own path in life despite the very real social pressure to conform to what someone else might tell you is normal.

Examining Straightedge Lifestyle: Respecting Choices and Challenging Ignorance

You’re not living life to its fullest until you learn to be true to yourself. Some people don’t make it easy. Fuck them.

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